Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Meeting Fellow Bloggers

It’s really great to put faces and personalities to people whose blogs you follow.  I had put a comment on a blog I follow when one of their blogs said they had made it to the Rio Grande.  And of course, that is where we are.  I left a comment on Dee and Michaels blog Gone RVing! to the fact that we were very close.  They contacted me and said they were coming over to meet another fellow blogger who is staying at the same park we are.  I didn’t even know that.  They are Anne and Archie and I also follow their blog The Accidental RVers,  So we all got together the other day at Anne and Archie’s rig, which is just kitty corner to us.  I had met Archie at bingo one night but didn’t have a clue he was one of my bloggers.  Small world.  Unfortunately, they are heading out in a few days for more exploring.  We really hope to hook up them somewhere out there in RV land and Dee and Michael will be around for a little while so we will, for sure, get together again.  And their summer campground is only about 30 miles from us back home in Canada.  So we will definitely get together then.  All 4 of them are fulltimers.

We had an absolutely lovely afternoon, chatting, discussing other blogs we all follow.  I took my camera but didn’t use it.  Was so busy chatting,chatting,chatting.  But Dee took a picture and I’m sure she won’t mind if I attach it here.


That’s, from left to right, Anne, myself, Michael, Archie and Ken.  And of course our Jackson, and Dee and Michaels little guy, Timmie. 

It has been raining non-stop, literally, non-stop for 2 days now and the weather says this will continue until tomorrow.  We are all getting cabin fever and we have our life jackets ready in case we need to abandon ship!!  Some of the roads are flooded and you have to drive carefully through them especially if there are people nearby.  People still have to get out and walk their dogs and I guess just get out of their rigs for a bit.  Jackson is totally fed up, because he likes to sit outside the rig and just watch the world go by.  He does have a window that goes down to the floor that he can see out of, but it’s just not the same.

Well hopefully we haven’t all floated away and I can write another blog in a few days.  Take care…

Friday, 27 December 2013

Christmas Dinner

In one word..AWESOME!!  There was 22 of us, everyone brought a dish, some brought more than 1.  The food was outstanding.  I hear so much about the Green Bean Casserole that seems to be a regular dish at all of our US friends Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.  Well I finally got to taste it and it was delicious.  There was all the stuff I love, whipped potatoes, stuffing, sweet potato casserole, turkey, ham, beets.  Now I know beets are something that some people would probably pooh pooh at, but I absolutely love them and don’t get to eat very often.  Ken is not a vegetable guy and beets, well, you can just imagine.  These were wonderful.  I ate far, far too much but oh it was so good.
Christmas Dinner Bentsen 2013 (7)

Today it has been raining all day long.  But seeing as it’s the very first time it has rain in the month we’ve been here, that’s ok.  I do love the sound of rain on the roof of the rig.  So soothing and relaxing.  I was going to BBQ steaks tonight but of course Mr. Weber is sitting outside where it’s pouring but I do have a grill so I had to dig it out and literally dust it off and that’s what I’m going to use to grill the steaks. 

Jackson is a goofy guy.  Quite the comic and like several goldens, he ‘smiles’.  I sometimes have to tell people that he’s not baring his teeth, he is really smiling.  I finally got a picture of him in goofy action and actually smiling.

I don’t know if you heard about the terrible ice storm that went through Ontario.  It was very, very bad.  It started last Friday, the 20th, and there are some people that still don’t have power.  My nephew being one of them.  Fortunately his father-in-law had a generator which he brought over for them.  The storm covered a huge area and thousands of people were without power, my son was without power for almost 2 days, and fortunately again, he has a generator.  My daughter and our house (we live only a couple miles apart) was only out for about 6 hours.  We were sooooooo lucky.  My next door neighbour took a couple pictures of our house.  I think our birch tree is toast.

Well it’s another rainy day here, (I started the blog yesterday).  Dull and gloomy day. 

Until later..take care.

Friday, 20 December 2013

This n’ That

That’s about what we’ve been doing too.  This place has lots of activities going on.  We don’t do all of them, it’s just not us, but we do some.  And we’ve had alot of fun doing them. 

On Wednesday night, they have Margarita nights,  for $1.00.  People bring appetizers to share and they have a 50/50 draw.  Last week we won the draw and it was $63.  Thought that was pretty cool.  Then on Saturday night they have bingo.  I’m not a huge bingo fan but this is different.  You play in groups of 4, and you deal out a deck of cards between you.  You need 3 nickels, 3 dimes, 3 quarters and a $1 bill.  First 3 rounds you each put 1 nickel in the cup.  Next the dimes and so on.  When you get down to your last card you stand up.  When bingo is called the money is collected from all the cups and goes to the winners.  I won one shared by another person for the nickels and I won one round all my myself of a round of 10 cents.  There was about 40-50 people there.  It is actually quite good fun.  We’ll be back.

Today there was a very brisk wind, with gusts up to 40 MPH.  I guess because it’s so flat when it’s windy like that it picks up all the dust and there’s a haze in the air of dust.  We had gone out to run some errands and left the windows open because the temperature was lovely.  Big mistake, everything covered with a layer of dirt when we got home.  Out came the Swiffers and the windows got closed and the air came on.  What a mess!!

The park is still relatively empty.  I’d say maybe 1/2 full.  But I expect over the next week more and more people to arrive.

We had a little visitor this morning under the rig.  What an interesting little guy he was.
Stick Bug (3)  

And I thought this was such a great shot of our boy..had to include it.

Until later..take care and for those of you on the roads..be safe.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Here and settled

We arrived here on Sunday around 3 PM.  I got us all checked in and we were escorted to our site.  We got ourselves level because once in that would be it.  We had to put some small levels under one side of the rig.  Last year we neglected to do that and we found that our heads in the bed were lower than we liked.  So I had to buy a couple pillows and put them UNDER the mattress head.  I swore that was never going to happen again.  Besides it is imperative that the fridge is level as you fellow RVers know.
Side view, Ken still washing roof …

We have been very busy since arriving, getting settled, putting stuff away for 4 months.  Doing a weeks worth of laundry.  Yesterday, Ken washed the truck and today we both washed the rig together.  After hitting that snow squall just before we left Ontario, both vehicles were a mess of dirt, sand and salt.  Now they’re both beautiful.  We just got back from a shopping trip to Walmart. 
Ken washing roof…

We met some people and were invited to their fire pit last night.  It was a beautiful night to sit out for awhile.  Tonight we’re going over to some other peoples for happy hour.  Appears we’ll be kept busy.  They have alot of activities here, unlike where we stayed last year.

Jackson has met lots of new friends.  It’s funny the older he gets the less he’s interested in other dogs.  But he’s very interested in people, just loves them.  He does love our friends golden, Koby, though.

Tonight I think I`ll break in my new Weber.  Have some bratwurst. 

Until later..take care.  Drive safe if you`re on the roads.

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Day 5 of travelling

After our little respite in Texarkana, Texas, we were ready this morning to head out again.  We packed up and were on the road by 7:30.   Today we drove on state highways as opposed to interstate highways.  Biggest issue is finding a place to stop for Jackie.  He needs to stop about every 2 hours just to get out and stretch his legs and perhaps have a piddle too.  They have a few ‘picnic’ stops at the very side of the road, barely enough room for us to pull over. 

We are in a little campground in Rockdale, Texas.  It’s very adequate, full amenities, great cable, so so wifi.  The owner is very helpful.  We asked him a good gas station to stop because we needed some air in our 5th wheel tires.  He said, no problem, and brought over his huge compressor and Ken was able to top up the tires.  Nice long pull throughs, don’t have to unhook the truck. 

Tomorrow we arrive at our destination.  A week to the day we left home.  It will be nice to finally put things away, instead of stepping over bins and boxes of stuff that we can’t set up until we park.  I think Jackson will be happy too, not to have to spend several hours in the truck.  He has been a good boy though. 

Today the weather was WARM WARM WARM.  A very pleasant thing, I tell you.  

Until later…take care.  Drive safe.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Chilling Day 1

It was nice to get up this morning and know we could just laze around.  We sat at our computers reading email, blogs and catching up on the news.  It was nice.

Took a walk around the park with Jackie later this afternoon.  Still a chill in the air, but certainly warmer.  The back end of the park is for permanent residents in mobile models.  Didn’t smell any turkey cooking though, was hoping to.

Got the water filter in and checked the pump.  I can see where it’s vibrating, needs a little support.  A friend mentioned a pump silencer kit and I saw one on Amazon.  I’ll order it when we get to Bensten and install it. 

Guess there was alot of turkeys eaten today.  I’m not sure what Bensten Palms do for Christmas but I sure hope they have turkey.  That would be great.

Another day of chilling tomorrow too.  I certainly won’t go anywhere near a mall tomorrow, I imagine it will be like a stampede. Black Friday.

So until later…take care.  Drive Safe.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Day 4

I fully expected horrendous traffic issues today due to Thanksgiving being tomorrow.  But there were absolutely no issues at all.  We had a good run today. 

We are in Texarkana, Texas tonight.  We leave here on Saturday morning.

I’m sure you are sick to death of hearing about the weather as I am typing about it.  Just saying it was a very cold night again last night.

Our water pump is making very loud noises.  It’s pumping but vibrating alot.  I’m wondering if it’s come loose from it’s mooring.  I have to remove a few bins from the basement of the rig in order to open the compartment where it’s located to investigate.  Today it was just too darn cold to be outside to do that.  Tomorrow is supposed to be a nicer day so I’m going to give it a shot then.  Also have to install the new water filter. 

A wind came up rather quickly last night and kept waking me up, so I didn’t get a great nights sleep.  My eyes are very heavy right now and I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to stay up.  We are very close to the highway and it’s rather noisy.  Usually it doesn’t bother us too much so I’m hoping it doesn’t bother us tonight. 

I would like to wish all my American bloggers a very happy Thanksgiving. 

So until later..take care and be sure and drive safe.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Day 3

Tonight we’re in Lakeland, Tennessee.  That is just outside of Memphis.  Campground is probably one of the worse we’ve ever been to.  But it’s only 1 night.  We won’t be staying here on our way back home in the spring, that’s for sure.

Was very nice to have a warmer evening last night.  But alas, it was not to last.  Today’s temperature wasn’t too bad but tonight it’s dipping down again to the low 20’s F.  We put some water in our tank and disconnected the water hose. 

Tomorrow our mileage is a bit shorter.  Our destination is Texarkana, Texas and we are staying for a few days.  And again the weather is not co-operating.  Again it’s supposed to be cold.  The evenings especially.

Usually, this far south you can feel the difference in temperature, but not this trip.  We will be so glad to feel the sun and warmth. 

Until later…take care and drive safe.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Day 2

Shepherdsville, KY.

We were so tired last night and there was no TV so we retired at 8:30.  Don’t think I’ve ever gone to bed that early but I guess we were tired cause I slept til around 5AM.  I got, checked blogs, emails etc.  About 6 Ken got up, took Jack for his walk and we closed up the rig and headed out.  It was soooooooooooo cold we just wanted out of there.  It was –9 C for you Fahrenheit lovers (me included) that’s 16 degrees)  this morning.  We were warm though inside the rig. 

I got the water up and running today, so nice to turn on a tap.  But at tomorrows stop, Lakeland TN, they are called for a very cold night again.  We’ll be ok if we run the furnace and bring in the water hose.  I’ll put some water in the tank. 

We’re going to spend a few days in Texarkana, Texas, over the US Thanksgiving weekend and besides we’re not due in McAllen until the 1st.  I sure hope the weather improves.  It will be nice to have a little break from driving.

It was a good drive today, 3 stops for Jackie to stretch his legs.  As we have the extra gas tank in the truck bed we haven’t had to fill up since we left home.  Maybe tomorrow we might have to.

Well until later..take care and drive safe out there.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Day 1

I have been watching the weather like a hawk for the past couple weeks.  All indicators pointed to cold, miserable weather when we were scheduled to leave.  And of course it was.  For the past few days it has been bitterly cold.  But we managed to get everything done and was on the road by 8:30 AM this morning.

First stop is Monroe, Michigan.  No problems crossing the border.  Why the heck do those border guards have to try and act so tough?  A smile now and then would be nice, but I think they are trying to intimidate us by acting stern.  Doesn’t bother me cause I had nothing to declare anyhow.  We did bring 4 cases or our own homemade wine with us, which we told him.  He wasn’t the least bit interested.  Yipee!!.  He was more interested in all my electrical gizmos at the front of the truck.  We have XM radio at home and I take the unit with us when we go, and plug it into the radios AUX port.  So we had that, we had our TPMS system (tire pressure monitoring system) and Gert the Garmin.  So there were alot of wires, antennas and he was very curious about those.  Weird.  Maybe he thought I was some kind of a spy.

We ran into a really, really bad snow squall for about 20 miles.  Cars in the ditch, road completely disappeared.  It was very bad.  Slowed to a snails pace.  Should have taken a picture but wasn’t thinking, was just praying to get through it in one piece.

It was very cold in the RV once we got here, I brought a huge jug of water which I put in the shower stall and it had ice crystals in it.  This place does have heated water pipes and I know as long as I run the furnace our pipes won’t freeze, but my concern is tomorrow on the road when the furnace isn’t running, they could freeze then as it’s still supposed to be very cold.  So for tonight, it’s handi wipes, water in a bucket, and paper plates.  We should be able to hook up tomorrow night and be ok.  Oh and even the handi wipes which were in the cupboard had ice crystals in them.

Supposed to be great TV via the antenna here but we can’t pick up a thing.  Doesn’t bother me much but I know Ken loves his TV, tomorrow there’s cable. 

So that’s it..we’re on our way.   Really looking forward to some warmer weather, even in the 50’s right now sounds darn fine.

Until later then..take care and drive safe all of you out on the road.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

The Countdown is ON

Yes that’s right.  Another summer has come and gone and now the countdown has begun for our trip south.  Where did the time go?  It seems not so long ago that we just got back.

We went out for a few days in the rig around 3 weeks or so ago.  We had great weather, the evenings and nights were a little cool but with the fireplace on and when necessary, the furnace, we were all toasty warm.  It really did seem a little strange that Arthur wasn’t there in all his usually favourite spots.  We really do miss that little guy alot.

We will pick up the rig at the end of this month to start packing up for our trip to Texas this year.  I just finished mapping out the route and finding campsites to stop at for the night.  It sure is along way.  We found a couple minor issues with the rig so the dealer is looking into those.  Nothing too bad, one of the scissors support jacks at the very back didn’t seem to want to go down and one of the latches on the bins didn’t want to latch.  I’m sure they’ll have them fixed in no time.  As much as we loved our Class A rig we really are enjoying all the extra living space in this 5th wheel.  Like living in a small apartment.

The bathroom project that was started so very long ago finally got finished.  What a screw up with the vanity.  Ordered the first one, waited 4 weeks for delivery and when it arrived it really was a piece of junk.  All the doors and cupboards were crooked.  So that went back and we ordered from another company.  That was another 4 weeks, they arrived and they had screwed up the positioning on one of the cupboards.  That one cupboard had to go back and be reordered.  Another 3 weeks went by.  In the meantime, my son, who is a electrician by trade and a ‘can do anything, fix anything’ guy had installed the new vanity lights and ceiling exhaust fan and plugs.  The correct vanity finally arrived and my son and Ken installed them.  And my son did all the plumbing for me.  I ordered a granite counter top, 2 more weeks.  In the past couple days, I installed the backsplash and touch-ups of paint from some ‘boo boo’s’ of things being installed, mainly the countertop.  But I can officially say, it is done!!!  We wanted to do the powder room on the first floor before we left, but after this marathon job, it will now wait until we return in the spring.  Thank goodness this was only the guest bathroom or we would have really been in big, big trouble.

Well that is about it for now..blogging will pick up again once we start to head out.

Hope everyone is healthy and happy.  Be safe.

Until later then..take care.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Thank you

I just wanted to thank all of you for your kind words about our loss of Arthur.  I know several of you have known that kind of loss.

The house sure seems quiet and empty without him.  Even with our goofy Golden, Jackie, it still seems empty.  You know something is missing.

As of now we don’t intend to get another cat.  Arthur would be a very, very hard act to follow.  And I would miss those characteristics that he had that I’m sure another one wouldn’t have.  As I said before, he truly was one of a kind.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Goodbye Arthur

To say that Arthur was an awesome cat would be an understatement.  Many cats have come and gone from our home, but Arthur was one of a kind.
Arthur (5) 

We rescued Arthur 3 years ago last May.  He was 6 years old when we got him.  His previous owners didn’t want him anymore.  His coat was absolutely terrible, he had a blocked tear duct and consequently his eye ran water and that whole area had dried crusty stuff around it.  His teeth were filthy.  I wondered at the time what I was getting myself into.  But we took him, he just looked so pitiful.
Arthur Silver Springs 2013 (1) 

From the moment we got him home, it was plain that he felt he was now safe and in his forever home.  He just made himself at home and made us his Mom and Dad.  I took him into the vet and had his teeth cleaned and that blocked tear duct looked into.  It couldn’t be cleared but that was no big deal, it didn’t seem to bother him and we just wiped away any tears that collected.  We brushed his coat many, many times a day and it took a few months to retain it’s natural health.
Arthur Silver Springs 2013 (5) 

Nothing bothered him, absolutely nothing, well maybe the vacuum cleaner if it got too close.  He had to come and check out every visitor that arrived.  He talked to us, oh man did he talk.  He never shut up!!  He came when called.  When it came time to go south for the winter we thought we had better get him used to the RV so we took him out into it while it was parked in the driveway.  He just walked in, sniffed around and hopped up on the couch.  Again he was right at home.  He went on several of our travels, in his crate while driving, never complaining.  He knew his favourite places and once parked he headed for them. 

He would sit beside me here on my computer desk, I hardly had room left for me.  He would sleep between us most of the night.  He always came in and said goodnight.  He’d hop up, get his loving, and then disappear for awhile.  But sometime during the night he arrived back and parked himself.
Arthur under Christmas Tree

He was fine all day yesterday but around 6 PM I noticed that something was wrong, very wrong.  We got him into the vet and he was diagnosed with kidney cancer.  She said he wouldn’t survive the night.  We did what we had to do to put him out of his suffering.

The house seems somewhat empty without him in it.  He was a presence, he was a character, he was a very good friend and we miss him.

Safe travels Arthur, we love you.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Just Checking In

It’s been along time since I blogged.  I typically don’t blog much once we return from our snow birding.  Although I do enjoy reading my fellow bloggers day to day activities, and don’t find them boring at all,  I do think that mine are just plain boring so I don’t blog.  I think I mentioned before and several other bloggers have said the same thing, that I started this blog so that my kids could know where I was, what we were doing etc. while away.  But as it turns out, none of them read it or even appear to really want to.  Shows what I know!!!!!!

As those of you with ‘sticks’ homes you know they keep you busy.  For us, it was opening the pool, planting flowers, and just general tidying up the back and front yards.  We just finished having a new roof put on the house.  And we also had to have a new pool heater installed.  What a difference that makes!!  The other one took forever to get up to the temperature, no so this one.

Ken and I are in the middle of updating our guest bathroom.  We had our own ensuite done professionally last year, but we decided we could tackle the guest one as we didn’t need the whole thing to be gutted like our ensuite.  And we weren’t changing the layout as in the ensuite.  So Ken remove the old vanity, toilet etc.  We just left the tub/shower in tact as it’s just fine.  I have ordered new vanities and toilet.  See Rick you’re not the only one covered in drywall dust.  It’s amazing how many holes you make in your walls over the years.

As much as we love our home, once home for awhile we really miss the RVing life.  We don’t use the RV much in the summer mainly because the house requires someone to around due to the pool and flowers to be tended to.  Ken keeps saying the ‘downsizing’ word.  If I could find something and somewhere I really liked then I’m game.  But I do keep checking the real estate listings.

We are taking the 5er up to Cookstown for our yearly birthday visit with my sister.  My other sister is also coming.  Ken said ‘you ladies have a good time’..and opted out!!  So he’ll be staying home with the critters.  That won’t be for another month anyhow.

GEDC0092 GEDC0095GEDC0093

Jackson, as usual, has one of his ‘babies’ in his mouth.  I really don’t know what he would do if he didn’t have one.  And this is one of Arthur’s favourite spots…

Well that’s all for now..until later then, take care and drive safe..

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Colour me Very, Very Bad!!!

Yes that’s right .. my bad.  I should have blogged a long time ago.  No excuses, just plain lazy.  And plumb wore out.

We had an uneventful, good trip home.  We spent 4 nights on the road.  There was good weather, no rain, snow or otherwise.  That was a blessing.  The nights were chilly but with the furnace, fireplace, and electric space heater, there was absolutely no problems.  The crossing at the border was uneventful.  As usual, Jackson broke the ice.  It just seems that everyone who meets him falls in love.  The fellow was a little stiff until he asked us to unroll the back window and Jackson of course stuck his big head out.  That was it, the guy was patting him and rubbing his neck.  His whole attitude changed after that.  Amazing!!!  We really didn’t have anything to declare anyhow, usually never do.

We got the fridge contents and necessary items emptied out of the rig the first day, and left the rest for gradual emptying after that.  We took everything out of the basement and I went through it all.  Anything that had not been used in a couple years, went into another bin and will be stored in the garage.  I think we got rid of at least 3 bins under there.  Should give us more room.  Tomorrow it is supposed to be somewhat warmer so we will get out there to vacuum, wash floors, clean the fridge and the bathroom.  Then Monday or Tuesday we’ll take it back to the storage lot.

It was very cold the first day home, well below freezing (that had not been predicted earlier!!!) so I left the furnace on in there because I really didn’t want to have to winterize again.  I have just left it running in there at about 55 to keep the chill out and hopefully keep the pipes from freezing.  We have had disgusting weather since we’ve been home.  Rain, freezing rain, ice pellets and that dreaded 4 letter word SNOW.  Did someone not tell the weatherman that this is April for Pete’s Sake?????

It sure is wonderful to be home.  As much as I love being away in the rig, there really is no place like home.  I think Jackson and Arthur would say the same thing too.

Next trip out isn’t until July.  Till then we will be kept busy, opening Jack’s favourite thing THE POOL.  Planting flowers, cleaning up the yard.  But first, please warm up.  I’m spoiled, I don’t like this cold. 

Anyhow, until a later time…take care, drive safe.

Friday, 29 March 2013

Almost Time To Go Home

We head for home Monday morning.  We have been slowly getting things organized for the trip.  It’s amazing how settled in you get in 3 months.  I tidied up the basement and found alot more room under there. 

We have had a couple really cold nights.  One night it was almost the same temperature here as it was back home.  I actually put the blanket back on the bed. 

We are planning on spending 4 nights on the road going home.  I have checked the weather on the way and so far (*touch wood*) it is just fine.  We are all ready to be on our way and back home.  The saying ‘there’s no place like home’ applies to all of us.  Including Jackson and Arthur.

We have made a few really good friends this year.  We have addresses and personal info for several.  All but one live in Ontario.  The other friends we made are Koby’s Mom & Dad who we will be wintering with next year.  I hope to see several, if not all, of them this summer.   We have invited Koby and Mom & Dad to spend some time with us in our home.  Koby can swim in Jackson’s pool too. 

Our first stop will be Cecil, Georgia.  So until then….take care and for all of you who are heading home..drive safe out there.

Monday, 11 March 2013

This n’ That

Is exactly what we’ve been doing and not really much of ‘this n’ that’. 

Those of us who have wintered at this campground have all been disappointed in the lack of activities and ‘community’ feeling.  There has not been one pot luck where they have included the non-owners.  That would be people like us, the transients.  We ‘transients’ have found that the owners gather together for happy hours, pot lucks, and other social activities, but not once have they included any of us.  Those that we have talked with say, like us, that they are not coming back next year.  People don’t snub you, they say hello as they walk, ride, drive by, but they sure don’t include us in their social functions.  The sites are available to purchase and there are many of them that have been purchased.  So that is why we have booked next years winter in Texas.  Several of our transient friends told us that it’s a great FRIENDLY place to go.  They have lots and lots of social activities and such.

It’s a shame because this place has lots of potential.  It has recently changed hands so perhaps in time the attitude will change.

We met some lovely people here from Indiana who have a golden.  I think I mentioned before that Jackson and Koby also became fast friends.  Unfortunately, they left for home last Saturday, so all 3 of us have been a little lonely.  We leave for home 3 weeks today. 

I took several pictures of Jackson & Koby visiting just before they left.  I’ll add a few here.
Jackson & Koby (5)
Jackson & Koby (19)
Jackson & Koby (8)

So until later then…take care.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Happy 6th Birthday Jackson!!

Red heart

Yes our baby boy will be 6 years old on the 3rd.  Can’t believe that in May it will be 6 years since he became a member of our family.  Can’t imagine our lives without that big lug!!!!

Speaking of special occasions, yesterday, the 1st, was one of my sister’s 50th wedding anniversary.  That is quite an accomplishment these days.  My other sister who is also wintering in the States and myself, got together and had flowers sent to her.  I contacted a local florist in her area and made arrangements for an ‘arrangement’ to be delivered to her.  They did a beautiful job.  She sent me a picture of the bouquet. 

I thought they were quite beautiful and my sister was thrilled to receive them.

We had a very windy day today and had to take down our awning and sunscreen.  We’re also having a bit of a cold spell.  The furnace has been cycling on and off all night.  We have a electric fireplace too and we are very surprised how much heat that thing generates.  It’s really great and kind of cozy looking too.

We will be heading home at the end of this month.  We have booked next winters stay in Texas.  We have met some great friends here (and they just happen to have a golden retriever also)  and they have stayed there (in Texas) before and gave it rave reviews.  Their golden, Koby, and Jackson just love each other.  It’s really cute to see the 2 of them together.  They get along so well.  Jackie gets so excited when he sees them walking down the road. 

Well I need to go and get some warm jammies on as it’s really getting nippy so until later…..take care.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

A lovely day

Today we went to Silver Springs Park.  Some lovely people (fellow golden parents LOL) we met here in the park had purchased yearly passes and they can bring guests.  So they took us.  We took a ride on a glass bottom boat.  The ride took us on a  tour of the seven major spring formations at the headwaters of the Spring River.  One spring, Fish Reception Hall, is home to dozens of species of fish as well as alligators, clams, crawfish, shrimp, snails and six different kinds of turtles.  It was so beautiful and we could see where the underwater springs were spilling into the river.  It was surprising how powerful the water was that was coming out of the vents.  And the water was so clear.  We then walked around the grounds and they have a sort of zoo there.  But the park is heavily in debt so the state is purchasing it and turning it into a state park.  All the animals will be distributed to various zoos.  Apparently, before Disney World came to Florida, this park was very, very popular.  The grounds are really beautiful.
He was there too.
Fish seen thru glass bottom boat
Kodiak bear, he was HUGE

We are having some quite warm weather here right now.  We need to put the A/C on around lunch time to keep our furry kid comfortable.  I’m not complaining though, not at all.  The evenings cool down for very comfortable sleeping and usually around 6 or so we can turn off the A/C and open the windows. 

Until later…take care.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Still here!!

I haven’t blogged in awhile.  The days all seem to run together and one does loose track of time.  But I do read everyone else’s blog every morning.

I also had a really bad bout of my vertigo.  I first had an episode about 20 years ago.  And through the years I’ve had several minor attacks of it.  But this time it was the worse one I’ve had since that first one.  It’s a terrible thing.  If any of you have any had ‘a wee bit too much to drink’ and the rooms starts to spin when you lay down that is exactly what vertigo is except it happens laying down, sitting down, standing up.  It’s awful.  I had this attack for just over a week.   Poor Ken had to fend for himself, I’m afraid.  Fortunately I was here to at least instruct him in his less than perfect culinary skills.  But, (cross my fingers) it seems to have abated and I hope it stays that way for a long time

We have been trying to find a place to go this coming winter.  We have found nothing here in Florida that strikes our fancy so started looking further afield.  I was looking at southern Texas when it seemed that we started running into people who had been there and said how much they loved it.  So we are looking at a place in Mission Texas called Bentsen Palm Village.  It receives excellent reviews.  Right now this one is on our radar.   If any of you have been there or heard anything about it, please let me know.

Back home they were hit with a major snowstorm, but the US east coast got hit really really bad from the news that I watched.  I talked to my sister who lives just north of Toronto, and they got about 1 1/2 feet of the white stuff.  She sent some pictures of her back deck and front yard.
IMG_0056=1  IMG_0059-1

this one is off the news..(the driver was killed)

that apparently was right around where we live just outside of Toronto.  When we see this stuff we’re so glad we’re not back there.  Although being retired makes it so much easier if you are.  Once I retired and before we started coming down here the snow didn’t bother me because I knew I could just honker down and I didn’t have to drive anywhere in it.   Before retirement, fighting traffic trying to get to the office was a horror!!!!!

Today we are going to head to some big Flea Market that’s close by here.
How would you like to have a golf card like this..check out the price.

It was also military day and they were selling all sorts of everything military..here’s a jeep you might consider..

and you can still get a haircut for $7..

Didn’t buy much, they had a lovely farmers market, bought some tomatoes, and mushrooms and some cat grass for Arthur to eat.

Well until later..take care.

Friday, 25 January 2013

Drove the beast!!!

We have a few campgrounds that we want to check out while we’re in this area.  One was over in Williston called Williston Crossing.  It’s a very nice campground but very ‘woodsy’.  Most of the sites we liked were heavily shaded.  That might be ok in the heat of the Florida sun but not for this time of year.  So it’s a pass.  We have a couple more to check out.

We really haven’t been doing much of anything.  Riding our bikes, relaxing, that’s about it.

I drove the truck today.  It’s something that I know I should do but just haven’t gotten up the nerve to drive that huge thing.  But today I drove it to Walmart and back.  We went over there to get our hair cut.  Actually it wasn’t so bad.  My bug is the duallys on the back.  They really make it significantly wider back there.  But it wasn’t so bad.  Sometimes I just want to go to the store and browse all by myself, so now I can.  Here’s the beast…


Truck (2)

We finally had to get Jackson shaved down.  The heat was just too much for him.  I think he does feel alot better but of course wouldn’t you know it that as soon as he was done the temperature got cooler.  Typical, but it’s going up again,

Well that’s it for now, so until later…take care.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

I promised….

I did promise some pics so here are a couple. 

The header picture is the bonfire we were at the other night.  It was fun, we chatted and sang silly songs.  There was probably 16 or so of us.

It’s been lovely and warm, in the low 80’s during the day but it does cool down to lovely sleeping weather at night.  I leave a couple windows open and it’s great.  Mid 60’s in here when we get up. 

Tonight we’re off to Olive Garden for dinner.

Nothing much else…so here’s some pics. Oh and by the way, the RV dealer back home did take the blame for the install on the dryer vent.  Much too long he said.  So he offered me my money back on the repair.  I said that I’d take a credit at their facility as we are always buying things there or getting things done.  So that was good, I was pleased that they owned up to their mistake.  This was how much extra they installed that didn’t need to be.  It’s about 3 feet.

Repair2013 (4)

Until later then..do take care.




Friday, 11 January 2013

Just Taking it Easy

Haven’t done a whole lot since the last blog, except increase the coffers of Amazon.  I was disappointed to realize that Camping World is over 50 miles away.  I am NOT going to drive that far just to browse the wonderful aisles of Camping World.  So I had a list of necessities and went onto Amazon and ordered up a storm.  Just about all of the orders have arrived, just a couple more to go.

We have rode our bikes around the park a few times and there is a nature trail that we have rode.  Watch out for those truck roots though!!  Would love to take Jackie for a walk in those woods, but I do have a real fear of ticks, which we did run into one other time.  So it’s the dog park for him and walks around the park.

We’ve had some really warm weather, not complaining at all.  We’ve decided that as Jack just doesn’t do heat very well we have going to have him shaved down.  He has an appointment for Tuesday.  That should cool him off. 

We ordered a truck bed cover today.  We wanted one and I checked into it back home but it just wasn’t happening.  So we found a place here at an excellent price.  Should be in next week.  The truck bed gets so dirty when it just sits, full of leaves and such.  And we were told that driving the truck without the cover while we’re parked here uses up more gas.  No it wasn’t the dealer who told us that but other truck owners.  We are new at this truck thing.

Theres a full length window by the diningroom which Arthur really likes to perch and watch the world go by so I got him another catbed and he just loves laying there and checking out things.

I made pork schnitzel, carrots and sweet potatoes, and baked potatoes for supper.  It was yummy.

This is one of the dog parks.

So until later…take care.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Week Ago

A week ago today we were in about 3 inches of snow in Monroe, Michigan.  And it was cold!!  Now today the sun is (was) shining and it’s warm.  This is much better!!!!!

I had to have a repair person in to look at my new washer/dryer combo that I had our RV dealer at home install in October sometime.  It washed fine but the dryer kept shutting off and giving me error codes.  When I contacted Splendide about the error codes they meant that is wasn’t venting.  Great, just great.

Contacted our RV deal back home and they were prepared to pay the bill if it was due to a faulty installation.  When the serviceman here looked at the hind end of the machine, the dryer vent hose about about a gallon of water in it.  This was caused by condensation which in turn was caused by the vent hose being too long and having too many elbows in it.  He shorten the hose by about 3 feet and the dryer worked fine.  Now we’ll just see if our guy back home picks up the bill.  It was only $85 but I don’t feel we should have to pay it as it was their fault the hose was too long.  Now I must catch up on my laundry.

The nights here have been cool, but that’s just fine.  The furnace has come on a few times during the night.

We need a TV for the back bedroom so I think we are going to hit Best Buy later this afternoon and pick one up.  With the bracket for the wall which means that Ken has to install it.


I got these and put on the outside of our diningroom window.  I had to include our Maggie who is now an angel.

Still haven’t got out and about.  We’ve had so many little things to do around here.  I keep switching things around as I find a better arrangement.  This is all due to the fact that this is a new rig and what I think is a good arrangement of things turns out not to be, for me anyhow. 

So until later and I promise pictures…take care.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Pedal to the Metal!!!

After Cartersville GA, we had one more overnight stop.  It was to be Cecil, GA.  But we were fed up with packing up and such so we decided to boogie and get here on New Year’s Eve.  Besides the park was closed on New Year’s Day and they would have to leave all our info in the night box.  We really didn’t want to do that as as mentioned we’d had enough.  Our main concern was the furkids, 8 hours driving is a long time for them.  Jackson not so much as we can stop and let him out to stretch his legs and go potty, but poor Arthur is in his crate.  We did stop at a truck stop and I took him into the rig and his litter box but he wasn’t interested so I told him ok guy, cross your legs and hold it cause we’re heading out.

We had left Cartersville at 815AM and pulled in here around 4PM. 

Spent awhile setting up then went to bed at just after 10PM.  Another busy day today.  New Year’s what New Years’????  Ken washed the truck and rig as it was disgusting and had lots of salt on them.  I got things organized in here.  Had to make a quick drive to Verizon to get a new SIM card for my mifi.  One day without internet was enough!!!

Tomorrow we still have a couple things to do.  After that hopefully I can get out and about and get some pics.

There’s a good dog park here and there have made a little ‘pond’ in the middle, it’s reasonably clean so you know, of course, the first place Jackson head for.  It’s good that it’s there as he really doesn’t do heat well so he can cool off.

Well until later…take care.