Thursday, 28 November 2013

Chilling Day 1

It was nice to get up this morning and know we could just laze around.  We sat at our computers reading email, blogs and catching up on the news.  It was nice.

Took a walk around the park with Jackie later this afternoon.  Still a chill in the air, but certainly warmer.  The back end of the park is for permanent residents in mobile models.  Didn’t smell any turkey cooking though, was hoping to.

Got the water filter in and checked the pump.  I can see where it’s vibrating, needs a little support.  A friend mentioned a pump silencer kit and I saw one on Amazon.  I’ll order it when we get to Bensten and install it. 

Guess there was alot of turkeys eaten today.  I’m not sure what Bensten Palms do for Christmas but I sure hope they have turkey.  That would be great.

Another day of chilling tomorrow too.  I certainly won’t go anywhere near a mall tomorrow, I imagine it will be like a stampede. Black Friday.

So until later…take care.  Drive Safe.

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