Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Day 3

Tonight we’re in Lakeland, Tennessee.  That is just outside of Memphis.  Campground is probably one of the worse we’ve ever been to.  But it’s only 1 night.  We won’t be staying here on our way back home in the spring, that’s for sure.

Was very nice to have a warmer evening last night.  But alas, it was not to last.  Today’s temperature wasn’t too bad but tonight it’s dipping down again to the low 20’s F.  We put some water in our tank and disconnected the water hose. 

Tomorrow our mileage is a bit shorter.  Our destination is Texarkana, Texas and we are staying for a few days.  And again the weather is not co-operating.  Again it’s supposed to be cold.  The evenings especially.

Usually, this far south you can feel the difference in temperature, but not this trip.  We will be so glad to feel the sun and warmth. 

Until later…take care and drive safe.


  1. I think it's still going to take you a while to find some sun and warmth this year. :(

  2. That happened to us last year...ran into snow and sleet a lot in our travels before landing in San Diego!

    It's been raining all day here in Freeport, FL. Should be colder tomorrow but back up 70* by the weekend.

    Safe travels tomorrow!

  3. There are not many nice campgrounds around Memphis:(

  4. I sure hope someone flips on the heat switch before we head south in 2 weeks. Sure has been a nasty start to the snowbird season so far.