Thursday, 16 February 2012

I can’t believe he ate the whole thing!!!!

Our Jackson is a foodie.  He is driven by food.  It seems it’s all he thinks about.  We’ve had a heck of a time to put Arthur’s (our cat) food somewhere in the rig where Arthur can get it and Jackie can’t.  Jack has eaten so much cat food while we’ve been in the rig, it’s just ridiculous.  We finally have it beat, at least most of the time.  I brought one of those child gates and use that.  Arthur’s food is kept on the floor on the passengers side, where my feet would go when we are on the road.  I put the gate across the doghouse at the front of the rig, Arthur can squeeze by, Jackie can’t.

Although…………yesterday that little bugger manager to get by it.  My fault, he hates that gate and usually avoids it like the plague, but I guess yesterday the call of the cat food was just too much.  He cleaned poor Arthur out.  I had just leaned it instead of making sure the gate was secure.
Jack’s barrier before being installed.

Today, we had a quick run to Walmart, were gone maybe an hour and a half.  We keep, at the front door, a container of treats, they’ll call PupCorn.  They are little puffs of either peanut butter, or cheese flavoured healthy treats for dogs.  Look like Cheetos.  All the dogs love them.  When we left for Walmart it was full, when we came home, this is what was left.  I believe he accidently knocked it over, he waits at the door for us, and as luck would have it, the lid came off.  It had fallen into the stair well and I guess that’s when the lid fell off.  He probably thought he’d died and gone to heaven except of course now he’s paying the price for being a pig.  The fact that he didn’t finish them off tells me just how full he was.
I put a wine glass (and it’s a fairly large glass) beside it so you can see the size of the container.  That was full to the top before we left and as you can see it’s just up to the bottom of the label. 
He was in dire straights when we got home to get to the doggie potty, gee I wonder why????  And he has been a real slouch since then.  I had to give him a Pepto Bismol as I knew he had an upset tummy.  I bet he’ll have to go out in the middle of the night to get rid of some of the PupCorn!!!!
Unfortunately, dogs don’t learn by their mistakes.  I know if he had a chance again he’d do it again.  He is such an oinker.

Until later…take care.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Rainy, miserable day

As we are RV bound today, I thought it would be a good day for a brief update on my blog.

We have had some really cold weather the past couple days.  Saturday and Sunday nights were really cold, below freezing.  The first night I shut the water off at the tap and put the hose in the heated utility bin.  The next night it wasn’t quite so cold so left it out, but kept any bins that house water, heated.  Last night the temperatures were back to normal. 

Jackson had a run in the other day at the dog park.  Now Jackson is the most easy going guy, but I find now that he doesn’t have Maggie around who was THE BOSS, he’s stepped up to the plate a couple times.  Apparently this Akita and Jackson were romping and then both went after a ball.  They both decided that it was their ball and had some words.  Ken said that Jackie didn’t take any guff from the other guy but he did come home with 3 small puncture wounds on his muzzle.  I cleaned them up, put some antibiotic cream on them and have kept an eye on them.  Then to make matters worse (for me anyway) I was clipping his toenails yesterday and some of his are black and you can’t see the blood vessel in them.   Yes, I clipped one a little to short, funny though he didn’t flinch, make a sound or anything, just saw lots of blood on the mat.  Fortunately I have some of the blood clotting stuff for dogs, so used that.   Oh and BTW some other people around here said that the Akita wasn’t a nice dog.  The owners have left the park. 

Last Thursday we went up to Panama City Beach Conservation Park.  (you can click on the link).  It has some beautiful trails and we took our bikes and went up with another couple.  What a lovely place and we hope to get up there one more time before we leave.  We biked probably over 10 miles, got there around 10AM and left after 1PM.  We then all went to Olive Garden for lunch and had the all you eat soup, salad and bread sticks.  YUMMY.  So much for the calories burned with the bike ride ???!!!!!!

We leave here on March 1st and head over to Foley, Alabama for 6 weeks.  From there we head home.  As much as we really love this place and the people are super duper great, we’re ready for a change of scenery.  Just hate the putting things away for the trip.  You tend to really ‘dig in’ when you’ve been in one spot for 3 months.

Well until later then…take care.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

1/2 Way

Ken informed me yesterday that we were at the 1/2 point of our winter trip.  Ten weeks gone and 10 weeks to go.  Where has it gone?

A couple days ago we took a trip to Apalachicola, which is about 65 miles down the road.  We went with some good friends we met here at the campground, Joe & Gay.  We had an absolutely lovely day.  The weather started out kind of icky but it progressively got nicer as the day went along.   We stopped for lunch at a little local restaurant there and I had bay scallops.  All our meals were delicious.  Then we just walked around for a little while before we had to head home.  They have 4 fur kids and we have Jackson, so neither of us like to gone much more than 6 hours.  Jackson really hates to be left alone and I’m sure their puppies feel the same.  So we headed home and all the ‘kids’ were very happy to see their Mom’s & Dad’s.

Yesterday we walked over to the mini putt with some other friends we met here last year.  It was a good hike to the mini putt about a mile or so.  We played 18 holes then walked back home.  It was a lovely warm day and we were glad to get back home.  But it was good exercise for all of us. 

It’s only 11 AM and already it is 76 degrees out there, for my fellow Canadians that’s about 23 degrees C.  Yesterday I actually turned on the A/C for a little while.  Mostly for Jackson, as he doesn’t do well with the heat.  Well I suppose if I was walking around with a fur coat like his I wouldn’t either.  He has always been a ‘cool’ dog.  Even when he was a puppy, he would lie on the the vents at home when the A/C was on.  And he likes a fan blowing on him.  Guess that why when we’re home he spends the summer in the pool.  And he loves the snow, unfortunately for him we are away from the snow now that we head south.  Here’s a picture of him taken a few years ago just after we’d had a major snowfall.  To us snow is a four letter work!!!!!
Winter Storm & Jackson Dec08 (2)

Not sure what’s on the agenda for today.  Maybe a trip to Sam’s Club or maybe a trip to Mexico Beach a little community about 30 miles or so down the road.  Has a lovely beach.  Decisions..decisions…Must remember to take my camera.

I almost forgot to welcome my newest follower, Teri.  Welcome Teri and you can check out her blog here.

So until later….take care.