Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Goodbye to one of Jackson’s Best Buddies, Koby

Today our dear friends, Tee and Lois had to say goodbye to their beloved Golden, Koby.   It’s such a very hard thing to do, saying goodbye and making the decision to do so.  It takes a deep, deep love for your friend to do that and not wanting to see them suffer any longer. 

Last year in Ocala, we met the 3 of them for the first time and we were supposed to meet up again this year here in Texas, but just a few days before they were to leave Koby had a nose bleed.  They made the decision to stay home this year as it appeared that he would need further tests and medical supervision.  As it turned out he had cancer and there was nothing they could do.

Tee and Lois, our hearts are breaking along with yours.  Koby was a great guy, gentle soul and a wonderful friend. 

Goodbye Koby, run free and happy my friend.

Jackson & Koby (7)Jackson & Koby (4)Jackson & Koby (8)Jackson & Koby (14)

Monday, 20 January 2014

A Success .. I Think

Yesterday the campground held their very first Progressive Supper.

The campground here is laid out a little different than most.  There are 6 circles with a Palapa in the middle of each.  Our palapa has the pool tables, the next one over has the clubhouse and so on.  You can book your palapa for a private event if you like.  There are sites all around the circumference of the place too.  So this progressive supper was held in 4 of the palapas with the residents of each palapa (if they wanted to of course) would supply the course for that particular circle.  Circle 6 had the appetizers and wine, circle 5 (this is ours) had the salads and wine, circle 4 (the clubhouse) had the main course which was baked potatoes with ALL the trimmings and wine, circle 3 had the desserts and wine.  And the other 2 circles also contributed to the eats also.  It still amazes me what people can do with such limited cooking resources.  The food was fantastic.  We could have stayed at the appetizer table for the duration.  By the time we had consumed the baked potatoes with the sour cream, butter, cheese, chili, onions, and whatever you dumped on it we were done.  We didn’t even venture over to the dessert section.  I was very surprised that Ken didn’t because he just loves his desserts.  I probably would have had something and that would have been a big mistake as I was uncomfortably full already.  So it was a very wish decision to pass it up.  Too bad though cause the people here just out do themselves when it comes to the food.
In line for the appetizers
the good stuff

The management was wondering if it would be a success and I would definitely say that it was.  I think just about everyone here participated.  It was lovely.  Everyone brought over their lawn chairs to their own circle so people had somewhere to sit down, and tables were set up also.  They asked to spend no more than 45 minutes at each circle and then to move on.  It stated at 3PM and the timing was just right.  Sure hope they do it again before we head home, it was fun.

I bought myself a new bike.  The gears on my old one were shot and not being very handy people we didn’t know how to fix it and taking it to a bike shop would cost alot.  so I opted to buy a new one.  I love it.  It does ride so much smoother.  Now..what do we do with the old one.  I would like to find someone who wants a bike and is handy and could fix it.  Think I’ll ask the host here at the campground.  Maybe some organization.  Other than the gears it’s in great shape, it’s a Schwinn.

There’s a little bird that comes every single day and sits on our neighbours dish.  He will sit there for hours, literally.  Don’t know what he is, but I took this picture.  Maybe Judy might know.  He’s a fat little guy too.


Well until later..take care.