Sunday, 24 June 2012

It’s been a longgggggggg time!!!

Yes it’s been a long time since I blogged.  We have been busy up to our ying yangs.  But I always do find the time to read up on those blogs I follow.

First we decided to trade in our Class A and get a 5er.  And yes, we did just that.  We wanted a Jayco Pinnacle, and hoped to get a slightly used one but since they have only made the Pinnacle’s since 2011, chances were slim to none.  And it was none.  So we ordered a brand spanking new one.  Which of course meant that we had to wait for it to be built but the beauty of that was we could change a couple things we really wanted changed.  Such as…we did not want carpet in the living area so we now will have vinyl tile.  YEAH!!!  And strange to some people I know, we did not want a king size bed.  So YEAH they are putting in a queen.  We find that we just don’t use all that bed space, and also I would have to go out and buy all new sheets, blankets, comforters etc.  PLUS it does give us a little more space in the bedroom area.  The part I don’t like is that I had to buy it without actually seeing one first.  Mind you I hit every web site going that was advertising one so I could see what it looked like.  The model is the Pinnacle 36REQS. 

Now of course we need a truck.  Having never owned a truck I had absolutely no idea what we needed etc. but the good guy at where we bought our 5er filled us in.  We need a 1 ton diesel, dually not required but would give us a better ride.  We also need a crew cab due to a very large golden retriever who calls us Mom and Dad.  We really didn’t want a new one, due to the cost $$$$$$$ kaching!!! so went looking for a 2009.  We looked, and looked, we had a car dealer looking, they looked, and looked, the RV people looked and looked.  Lots and lots of gas 3/4 ton.  NOPE, not going to happen.  Finally spotted a 2011, Ford F350XLT that already had a 5er hitch installed.  It was significantly more than we wanted to pay, but it fit the bill.  We haggled and got him down a little bit.  It’s a dually.  It is one honking big truck!!!
Big Honking TruckBig Honking Truck

Now all we have to do is wait for the 5er to arrive.  We already had a planned trip (if you follow my blog you should remember my yearly July trip to celebrate my sister’s BD with her) and really didn’t want to cancel it.  So we don’t know what rig we’ll be taking.  If the new one hasn’t arrived by then we’ll take our old one.  Feel sad about our ‘old beast’ but we need some more room and this 5er fit the bill.  I must go out and take a picture of the honking truck sitting in our driveway to show you, but the picture of the rig will have to wait.

We have a lot of work ahead of us to get things out of the old and into the new.  They said they would park them beside each other and we just have to shift everything from the old to the new.  The RV place is going to show Ken how to hitch, park, backup all that good stuff you have to do with a 5er.  He’s a good driver so I’m sure he’ll pick it up really quickly.  And I’m a good backup director so between us, we should, hopefully, have no problems.  I thought our Class A was tall but this guy is even taller.  A little anyway.

Friends that we met while in Emerald Beach RV resort who fulltime have come up to Canada for a month.  We have had then over for dinner a couple times, went to Black Creek Pioneer Village, the CN Tower and we’re going to Niagara Falls in a couple days.
View from CN Tower  Bottom to Top

Well that’s just about caught up.  In between all that we had a bathroom gutted and 4 week renovation done.  Worth it though, very pleased with the outcome.

Well until later then..take care.  Drive safe.