Saturday, 30 November 2013

Day 5 of travelling

After our little respite in Texarkana, Texas, we were ready this morning to head out again.  We packed up and were on the road by 7:30.   Today we drove on state highways as opposed to interstate highways.  Biggest issue is finding a place to stop for Jackie.  He needs to stop about every 2 hours just to get out and stretch his legs and perhaps have a piddle too.  They have a few ‘picnic’ stops at the very side of the road, barely enough room for us to pull over. 

We are in a little campground in Rockdale, Texas.  It’s very adequate, full amenities, great cable, so so wifi.  The owner is very helpful.  We asked him a good gas station to stop because we needed some air in our 5th wheel tires.  He said, no problem, and brought over his huge compressor and Ken was able to top up the tires.  Nice long pull throughs, don’t have to unhook the truck. 

Tomorrow we arrive at our destination.  A week to the day we left home.  It will be nice to finally put things away, instead of stepping over bins and boxes of stuff that we can’t set up until we park.  I think Jackson will be happy too, not to have to spend several hours in the truck.  He has been a good boy though. 

Today the weather was WARM WARM WARM.  A very pleasant thing, I tell you.  

Until later…take care.  Drive safe.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Chilling Day 1

It was nice to get up this morning and know we could just laze around.  We sat at our computers reading email, blogs and catching up on the news.  It was nice.

Took a walk around the park with Jackie later this afternoon.  Still a chill in the air, but certainly warmer.  The back end of the park is for permanent residents in mobile models.  Didn’t smell any turkey cooking though, was hoping to.

Got the water filter in and checked the pump.  I can see where it’s vibrating, needs a little support.  A friend mentioned a pump silencer kit and I saw one on Amazon.  I’ll order it when we get to Bensten and install it. 

Guess there was alot of turkeys eaten today.  I’m not sure what Bensten Palms do for Christmas but I sure hope they have turkey.  That would be great.

Another day of chilling tomorrow too.  I certainly won’t go anywhere near a mall tomorrow, I imagine it will be like a stampede. Black Friday.

So until later…take care.  Drive Safe.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Day 4

I fully expected horrendous traffic issues today due to Thanksgiving being tomorrow.  But there were absolutely no issues at all.  We had a good run today. 

We are in Texarkana, Texas tonight.  We leave here on Saturday morning.

I’m sure you are sick to death of hearing about the weather as I am typing about it.  Just saying it was a very cold night again last night.

Our water pump is making very loud noises.  It’s pumping but vibrating alot.  I’m wondering if it’s come loose from it’s mooring.  I have to remove a few bins from the basement of the rig in order to open the compartment where it’s located to investigate.  Today it was just too darn cold to be outside to do that.  Tomorrow is supposed to be a nicer day so I’m going to give it a shot then.  Also have to install the new water filter. 

A wind came up rather quickly last night and kept waking me up, so I didn’t get a great nights sleep.  My eyes are very heavy right now and I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to stay up.  We are very close to the highway and it’s rather noisy.  Usually it doesn’t bother us too much so I’m hoping it doesn’t bother us tonight. 

I would like to wish all my American bloggers a very happy Thanksgiving. 

So until later..take care and be sure and drive safe.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Day 3

Tonight we’re in Lakeland, Tennessee.  That is just outside of Memphis.  Campground is probably one of the worse we’ve ever been to.  But it’s only 1 night.  We won’t be staying here on our way back home in the spring, that’s for sure.

Was very nice to have a warmer evening last night.  But alas, it was not to last.  Today’s temperature wasn’t too bad but tonight it’s dipping down again to the low 20’s F.  We put some water in our tank and disconnected the water hose. 

Tomorrow our mileage is a bit shorter.  Our destination is Texarkana, Texas and we are staying for a few days.  And again the weather is not co-operating.  Again it’s supposed to be cold.  The evenings especially.

Usually, this far south you can feel the difference in temperature, but not this trip.  We will be so glad to feel the sun and warmth. 

Until later…take care and drive safe.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Day 2

Shepherdsville, KY.

We were so tired last night and there was no TV so we retired at 8:30.  Don’t think I’ve ever gone to bed that early but I guess we were tired cause I slept til around 5AM.  I got, checked blogs, emails etc.  About 6 Ken got up, took Jack for his walk and we closed up the rig and headed out.  It was soooooooooooo cold we just wanted out of there.  It was –9 C for you Fahrenheit lovers (me included) that’s 16 degrees)  this morning.  We were warm though inside the rig. 

I got the water up and running today, so nice to turn on a tap.  But at tomorrows stop, Lakeland TN, they are called for a very cold night again.  We’ll be ok if we run the furnace and bring in the water hose.  I’ll put some water in the tank. 

We’re going to spend a few days in Texarkana, Texas, over the US Thanksgiving weekend and besides we’re not due in McAllen until the 1st.  I sure hope the weather improves.  It will be nice to have a little break from driving.

It was a good drive today, 3 stops for Jackie to stretch his legs.  As we have the extra gas tank in the truck bed we haven’t had to fill up since we left home.  Maybe tomorrow we might have to.

Well until later..take care and drive safe out there.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Day 1

I have been watching the weather like a hawk for the past couple weeks.  All indicators pointed to cold, miserable weather when we were scheduled to leave.  And of course it was.  For the past few days it has been bitterly cold.  But we managed to get everything done and was on the road by 8:30 AM this morning.

First stop is Monroe, Michigan.  No problems crossing the border.  Why the heck do those border guards have to try and act so tough?  A smile now and then would be nice, but I think they are trying to intimidate us by acting stern.  Doesn’t bother me cause I had nothing to declare anyhow.  We did bring 4 cases or our own homemade wine with us, which we told him.  He wasn’t the least bit interested.  Yipee!!.  He was more interested in all my electrical gizmos at the front of the truck.  We have XM radio at home and I take the unit with us when we go, and plug it into the radios AUX port.  So we had that, we had our TPMS system (tire pressure monitoring system) and Gert the Garmin.  So there were alot of wires, antennas and he was very curious about those.  Weird.  Maybe he thought I was some kind of a spy.

We ran into a really, really bad snow squall for about 20 miles.  Cars in the ditch, road completely disappeared.  It was very bad.  Slowed to a snails pace.  Should have taken a picture but wasn’t thinking, was just praying to get through it in one piece.

It was very cold in the RV once we got here, I brought a huge jug of water which I put in the shower stall and it had ice crystals in it.  This place does have heated water pipes and I know as long as I run the furnace our pipes won’t freeze, but my concern is tomorrow on the road when the furnace isn’t running, they could freeze then as it’s still supposed to be very cold.  So for tonight, it’s handi wipes, water in a bucket, and paper plates.  We should be able to hook up tomorrow night and be ok.  Oh and even the handi wipes which were in the cupboard had ice crystals in them.

Supposed to be great TV via the antenna here but we can’t pick up a thing.  Doesn’t bother me much but I know Ken loves his TV, tomorrow there’s cable. 

So that’s it..we’re on our way.   Really looking forward to some warmer weather, even in the 50’s right now sounds darn fine.

Until later then..take care and drive safe all of you out on the road.