Sunday, 24 November 2013

Day 1

I have been watching the weather like a hawk for the past couple weeks.  All indicators pointed to cold, miserable weather when we were scheduled to leave.  And of course it was.  For the past few days it has been bitterly cold.  But we managed to get everything done and was on the road by 8:30 AM this morning.

First stop is Monroe, Michigan.  No problems crossing the border.  Why the heck do those border guards have to try and act so tough?  A smile now and then would be nice, but I think they are trying to intimidate us by acting stern.  Doesn’t bother me cause I had nothing to declare anyhow.  We did bring 4 cases or our own homemade wine with us, which we told him.  He wasn’t the least bit interested.  Yipee!!.  He was more interested in all my electrical gizmos at the front of the truck.  We have XM radio at home and I take the unit with us when we go, and plug it into the radios AUX port.  So we had that, we had our TPMS system (tire pressure monitoring system) and Gert the Garmin.  So there were alot of wires, antennas and he was very curious about those.  Weird.  Maybe he thought I was some kind of a spy.

We ran into a really, really bad snow squall for about 20 miles.  Cars in the ditch, road completely disappeared.  It was very bad.  Slowed to a snails pace.  Should have taken a picture but wasn’t thinking, was just praying to get through it in one piece.

It was very cold in the RV once we got here, I brought a huge jug of water which I put in the shower stall and it had ice crystals in it.  This place does have heated water pipes and I know as long as I run the furnace our pipes won’t freeze, but my concern is tomorrow on the road when the furnace isn’t running, they could freeze then as it’s still supposed to be very cold.  So for tonight, it’s handi wipes, water in a bucket, and paper plates.  We should be able to hook up tomorrow night and be ok.  Oh and even the handi wipes which were in the cupboard had ice crystals in them.

Supposed to be great TV via the antenna here but we can’t pick up a thing.  Doesn’t bother me much but I know Ken loves his TV, tomorrow there’s cable. 

So that’s it..we’re on our way.   Really looking forward to some warmer weather, even in the 50’s right now sounds darn fine.

Until later then..take care and drive safe all of you out on the road.


  1. that's cold! Hope tomorrow's leg of the trip takes you to a little warmer weather. I know how excited you are in spite of the chilly temps!

    Travel safely...

  2. Head south fast! Those are some cold temperatures you're enduring.

  3. Sounds like you past right by us and didn't even wave.
    Every time we cross the Ambassador bridge the border guards always go inside our trailer. After crossing with it so many times you'd think they'd just say have a nice day but they don't.
    We'll be heading out on December 27th so hope you enjoy the warmer weather until we get down there. Be Safe!

    It's about time.