Saturday, 30 November 2013

Day 5 of travelling

After our little respite in Texarkana, Texas, we were ready this morning to head out again.  We packed up and were on the road by 7:30.   Today we drove on state highways as opposed to interstate highways.  Biggest issue is finding a place to stop for Jackie.  He needs to stop about every 2 hours just to get out and stretch his legs and perhaps have a piddle too.  They have a few ‘picnic’ stops at the very side of the road, barely enough room for us to pull over. 

We are in a little campground in Rockdale, Texas.  It’s very adequate, full amenities, great cable, so so wifi.  The owner is very helpful.  We asked him a good gas station to stop because we needed some air in our 5th wheel tires.  He said, no problem, and brought over his huge compressor and Ken was able to top up the tires.  Nice long pull throughs, don’t have to unhook the truck. 

Tomorrow we arrive at our destination.  A week to the day we left home.  It will be nice to finally put things away, instead of stepping over bins and boxes of stuff that we can’t set up until we park.  I think Jackson will be happy too, not to have to spend several hours in the truck.  He has been a good boy though. 

Today the weather was WARM WARM WARM.  A very pleasant thing, I tell you.  

Until later…take care.  Drive safe.


  1. nice to get the travel days done!! soon Jackson will be able to piddle whenever he likes!!

  2. I know you will be glad to get settled in. Can you believe we just started our third year as full time travelers? I always think of you every time I post something new. Anyway, so glad to hear its warm! Enjoy.....

  3. Good to read that your weather has warmed up. While traveling the state roads in Arizona, we find the unmarked pull over rest stops are too tight.