Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Here and settled

We arrived here on Sunday around 3 PM.  I got us all checked in and we were escorted to our site.  We got ourselves level because once in that would be it.  We had to put some small levels under one side of the rig.  Last year we neglected to do that and we found that our heads in the bed were lower than we liked.  So I had to buy a couple pillows and put them UNDER the mattress head.  I swore that was never going to happen again.  Besides it is imperative that the fridge is level as you fellow RVers know.
Side view, Ken still washing roof …

We have been very busy since arriving, getting settled, putting stuff away for 4 months.  Doing a weeks worth of laundry.  Yesterday, Ken washed the truck and today we both washed the rig together.  After hitting that snow squall just before we left Ontario, both vehicles were a mess of dirt, sand and salt.  Now they’re both beautiful.  We just got back from a shopping trip to Walmart. 
Ken washing roof…

We met some people and were invited to their fire pit last night.  It was a beautiful night to sit out for awhile.  Tonight we’re going over to some other peoples for happy hour.  Appears we’ll be kept busy.  They have alot of activities here, unlike where we stayed last year.

Jackson has met lots of new friends.  It’s funny the older he gets the less he’s interested in other dogs.  But he’s very interested in people, just loves them.  He does love our friends golden, Koby, though.

Tonight I think I`ll break in my new Weber.  Have some bratwurst. 

Until later..take care.  Drive safe if you`re on the roads.


  1. Sounds like you have been busy and having lots of fun....always nice to make new friends!

    Glad you are all settled in....enjoy!

  2. Glad you arrived safely and are getting all settled in for your stay. Bratwurst on the Weber sounds like a great way to start off.