Friday, 27 December 2013

Christmas Dinner

In one word..AWESOME!!  There was 22 of us, everyone brought a dish, some brought more than 1.  The food was outstanding.  I hear so much about the Green Bean Casserole that seems to be a regular dish at all of our US friends Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.  Well I finally got to taste it and it was delicious.  There was all the stuff I love, whipped potatoes, stuffing, sweet potato casserole, turkey, ham, beets.  Now I know beets are something that some people would probably pooh pooh at, but I absolutely love them and don’t get to eat very often.  Ken is not a vegetable guy and beets, well, you can just imagine.  These were wonderful.  I ate far, far too much but oh it was so good.
Christmas Dinner Bentsen 2013 (7)

Today it has been raining all day long.  But seeing as it’s the very first time it has rain in the month we’ve been here, that’s ok.  I do love the sound of rain on the roof of the rig.  So soothing and relaxing.  I was going to BBQ steaks tonight but of course Mr. Weber is sitting outside where it’s pouring but I do have a grill so I had to dig it out and literally dust it off and that’s what I’m going to use to grill the steaks. 

Jackson is a goofy guy.  Quite the comic and like several goldens, he ‘smiles’.  I sometimes have to tell people that he’s not baring his teeth, he is really smiling.  I finally got a picture of him in goofy action and actually smiling.

I don’t know if you heard about the terrible ice storm that went through Ontario.  It was very, very bad.  It started last Friday, the 20th, and there are some people that still don’t have power.  My nephew being one of them.  Fortunately his father-in-law had a generator which he brought over for them.  The storm covered a huge area and thousands of people were without power, my son was without power for almost 2 days, and fortunately again, he has a generator.  My daughter and our house (we live only a couple miles apart) was only out for about 6 hours.  We were sooooooo lucky.  My next door neighbour took a couple pictures of our house.  I think our birch tree is toast.

Well it’s another rainy day here, (I started the blog yesterday).  Dull and gloomy day. 

Until later..take care.


  1. Sure happy to read that your home had the power restored quickly enough to avoid facing broken water pipes and other potential issues.

    Sounds like your Christmas pot luck dinner was a huge success.

  2. That's so funny about the green bean's been ages sense we have had it. Sounds like the pot luck was a huge success.

    Jackson is one happy boy!
    Your rain is headed our way...starts tomorrow with cooler temps.

  3. Jackson is one cute boy! I think a bit spoiled? Green bean casserole? Hum, I cannot remember the last time we had it. Maybe it is about time.

  4. Merry Christmas Ruth to you and your family. Sure a lot better being in the south than back home right now, right?

    Christmas dinner sounded like great fun.

  5. Belated Happy Christmas. Pity about your birch tree, but if that was all that was damaged, you are lucky. We have another blogger couple at Bentsen Palms. Arch and Ann ( and I believe they are parked right across from you. They are leaving on the 1st, so we have decided to come and see you both tomorrow afternoon, if you will be there it would be great! Please let me know.