Monday, 29 March 2010

Winding Down

It's been awhile since I blogged, but the days just kind of run one into another here. So as we are winding down and getting into the mindset of going home thought I better put fingers to keys again.

We haven't done a whole lot. Ken and I did go out mini putting by ourselves and I managed to get around the course, twice, with injuring something again. We took our time as there were many ups and downs to the course and stairs, but my foot held up. And of course some more shopping. We were going to the show to see Avatar but when we got there, we were told that the day before was the last day for it playing.

We also went out for dinner for these 'world's most delicious' (according to my sister, Marlene) lobster tails. They are fresh water lobsters from South Africa and they are around 10 - 12 ounces each. Now for those of you who eat lobster you know that's a very large tail. And they were absolutely delicious, sweet, tender, lovely. A little pricey but you only go around once.

We have been so disappointed with the weather this year. Normally, when we're down here, it's time to put the shorts on. Not this year, haven't had them on once. And we had a thunderstorm during the night and it's been pouring ever since. And I do mean pouring. Hopefully it will wash all the bird poop off the car and MH. We are under one of the few trees in this park and of course the birds have called it HOME. Nicer weather has been predicted for the rest of the week, but that's the weatherman talking and we all know how accurate he has been of late. Probably starting Saturday, the weather will warm up and been lovely after that. Of course, we head home Saturday.

One of my sisters, Joyce, heads for her home on Thursday. We are all getting together for a farewell to Myrtle Beach dinner tomorrow night, Tuesday.

The park has really started to fill up, and glad we're leaving it. Too many people, especially the little variety!! Next year, if we come down here, we will try and find another park. We have discussed not coming here and heading over to Arizona instead. We have a whole year to decide. Not making any major decisions yet cause as my sister says 'I don't even buy green bananas anymore !!!!' LMAO

Foot is well on the mend. Still tender but getting better everyday.

So as I sit here watching the rain run down the windshield I'll say...until later...take care.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

On the mend

Foot is much better. Still a little swollen, and lovely shades of colour. But I can walk on it, problem is finding a shoe that fits over the swelling and that doesn't put pressure on it. Might have to buy a new pair. Oh dear !!!???!!!
We went to a huge outdoor type of Mall, park thing and I fully intended to walk around but once there realized that it was more than I could manage with my foot. So went to the Tourist Information office and got a wheelchair!! It was great fun to be pushed around. But it was a miserable day, cold, windy and then it started to rain so we headed back home. But at least we got out for an hour or so. It was not a nice day at all.
Today dawned, bright and crisp. Was only 6 degrees this AM. But I'm watching the sunrise and the sky is clear and they are calling for a nice day, although only a high of 16 or so. But after yesterday, I'll take it.
Tonight we are going to a show called Cirque, it's supposed to be like Cirque de Soleil, I think.
Until later then....take care.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Hobbling Along

I have been hobbling along quite nicely. The first day I pretty much had to use the crutches as I couldn't put any weight on my foot. But today is much better. I can put weight on it and my hobbling is much better. But my it ugly !!! It's round and a lovely colour of BLACK. All over. Must have really done a number on it.
Needless to say, we haven't done much over the past couple days as I can't get around very well. But I'm hoping that tomorrow is better cause there are a few shopping places I want to get to.
All the people that had come here for the old car rally have gone home so the park is nice and quiet and empty again. They exited out of here in droves this morning trailing their antique cars. Glad they are come.
It was a beautiful day until around noon, then the clouds rolled in and the rain and wind. Supposed to be this way until tomorrow morning.
Tomorrow is supposed to be nice. We're hoping for a nice warm day as we want to give Jackie a bath using the outside shower. God knows he needs it !!!
Until later...take care.

Friday, 19 March 2010

I'm a dork

Yes, that's right, I'm a dork. We were playing mini putt today and I was chatting away and not paying attention and missed a small step. Twisted my ankle real bad. It hurt alot at the time, but as I continued playing it didn't feel so bad. Finished the game and it hurt but wasn't killing me or anything. It was starting to swell though. Got home and put ice on it, but it continued to swell and really starting to hurt by now. So contacted Blue Cross (you're supposed to call them before you go to the hospital) and they faxed all the info to the hospital and off we went.
Dreading going to emergency, thinking of Toronto's emergency, we had to go. What a difference !!! We walked/hobbled in there and they took me right away. They had the fax from Blue Cross. They got a wheelchair and took me in and the doctor came in right away. Introduced himself to me, shook my hand and examined my foot. Ordered x-rays, and the fellow came right away and wheeled me down to x-ray. Took 3 pictures and back I go again. Doctor read the x-ray's said I had a very bad sprain. The nurse came in, wrapped it, put on a brace and brought me crutches. Gave me a crash course on using the crutches and went home. Whole process took about 1 hour, figured I would be there til midnight. Other than my foot hurt, it was a great experience. Amazing. Blue Cross handled all the $$$, none changed hands.
Quite the picture, me trying to get around in the RV with the crutches, but it hurts so much I can't walk without them. So there I am a dork.....
I hope the swelling has gone down a little by the morning. So much for walking on the beach and the weather has gotten nice, gee what a bummer.
Well until later then..take care.

A Shopping & Visiting Day

Yesterday one of my sisters came over for the day. Her husband was in a golf tournament all day and instead of spending the day all alone, she came over and spent it with us. Then my other sister drove over for a few hours to visit also. Poor Ken, surrounded by chatting, yakking, laughing women !!! We then headed over to a store here called Old Time Pottery. What a place, they sell just about everything for the home. We had a great time browsing around and spending money. You have never seen such a collection of different things for the home. It was fun !!!
Then we came back here, one sister left for her condo and then Ken, myself and other sister, Joyce had supper. Helped her with some computer stuff she needed to do. Then she too left for her condo when her husband came to pick her up after his tournament.
They had predicted rain all day, but by some miracle it held off and the sun actually came out. Turned out to be a lovely day after all.
Today all 6 of us are going mini putting after lunch. That is always good for a few chuckles. The day has dawned bright and clear and the sky is blue. Weatherman says a good day today with a high of 18.
We left home 4 weeks ago today, hardly seems possible. The time has gone by very quickly. Other than the weather not being as hot as we would have liked nor as hot as it usually is, it's been fun. We have 2 weeks left.
Alot of people have rolled into the park the past few days. I would say that there is double the people here now that there was before. Mind you there were not very many here before and there are still lots and lots of empty spaces. But there is an old car rally here this weekend and I think that has brought more people in. There are a few very old cars parked in people's spots so good guess is that they are heading for the rally.
Until later then...take care.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Just Another Day on the Beach !!

Not a whole lot going on. Hence the lack of blogging. We've just been relaxing and lazying around. Tough life. I am on the hunt for one of those lighted palm trees. I know, I know..they are tacky but I like them for the RV. I have seen so many RVers with them outside their rig and I have been searching for one. Found one yesterday but they wanted $139.99 for it. I think not !!!! Don't want one that bad. Actually I do, but I won't pay that for it. I saw that TARGET has them so going to check that out later today maybe. Never been to a TARGET store before...hmmmmm maybe should leave credit card at home.
Looks like a beautiful day here, so far (fingers crossed) no wind. It's not hot, that's for sure, if you're just sitting outside you do need some kind of a light jacket, but the sun is shining. Temperature chart in the blog will tell you the temp here.
Maggie and Jackson are fine, enjoying the warm weather and the many, many walks that they get. Maggie really likes just laying outside in the sun and watching the world go by. Jackson can handle that for about 15 minutes, then he gets antsy.
Well time to get the old butt into action and shower, dress and go for a walk on the beach. Hey, someone has to do it, you know.
Until later..take care.

Friday, 12 March 2010

WIND - AGAIN and Rain..enough already

Yesterday it rained and rained and rained (well you get the point). We went to an outlet mall but we were getting soaked going from store to store, so we can home. Then later in the afternoon, the wind picked up. It got worse and worse. By around 10 PM I thought it was time to pull in our slides. They have awning toppers and I was afraid they would get torn by the fierce wind. We had to rearrange our stuff inside in order to pull them in. Had just finished doing all that when, wonders or wonders, the wind just dropped. The news said that there were gusts up to 45 mph up and down the coast here. It's still so windy that I haven't put out our big main awning yet. But it's not as bad as it was.
Tonight we're meeting my sister for dinner at a seafood place. Yum.
I have booked reservations at a place here called The Alabama. They do variety type shows and it looks like fun. Also at a place called The Palace where they do a show on a take off of Cirque de Soleil (sp). That's for next week and the week after.
My other sister, Marlene, left this morning. I hope she doesn't run into any nasty weather. They should be here sometime tomorrow.
Park is slowly starting to fill up, I expect later today, and tomorrow they will come in in droves as it's Ontario's March break. There are alot of Canadians down here.
Well until later .... take care.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Where's the Sun

Started out a nice bright sunny day, but that didn't last long. It clouded over and we've had droplets of rain now and then. Heavy rain is in the forecast. For the next day or so.
Today was a quiet, relaxing day. Just watching TV, listening to music, and playing on our puters. Tonight we're going to Sonic, it's an old fashioned type of drive in restaurant. Kind of like our old A & W driveins. The servers actually have roller blades and serve you in your car that way. It has burgers and in Ken's eyes that's the best meal EVER !!!
A few more RV's have rolled in over the last couple of days, but it's still very much for the most part, empty. I'm expecting alot of Canadians will arrive once March break hits. Is that next week? I don't know, but soon.
My sister, Marlene is due to arrive on Saturday. Looking forward to seeing her. Should be a good time with all 3 of us together.
Until later...take care..

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Productive Day

Today we accomplished a great deal on the rig. Ken installed the vent covers, I washed windows and the Ken washed the rig and the car. Busy day. While Ken was installing the vent covers he noticed that where the antenna comes into the rig, the caulking had given up the ghost. So off to Camping World to acquire the correct caulking needed for our rubber roof. Then we realized that we didn't have a big enough patio mat here. It's very sandy and the dogs get covered in grit and sand when they're outside so we wanted a bigger mat so that they were not laying in the sanding and tracking it inside on their paws and fur. And I set up the BBQ. It's really neat and hope to use it very soon.
It was a lovely day here, around the low 60's, warm if you're busy, cool if you're just sitting around.
Until later then...take care

Monday, 8 March 2010

Beautiful Sunny Day

It was an absolutely beautiful day here today. The installers from Camping World arrived right on time this morning to install the new window awnings. I love them, what a difference they make. Then we went to Camping World to return a couple items, pay for the awnings and buy more RV stuff.
Tomorrow Ken is going to wash 'the beast' as she needs it. And there are a couple other things that need doing. We bought covers for the vents that allow us to keep them open even if it's raining and Ken has to install those, easy peasy. I have windows to wash. Today I shampooed the carpet thanks to our dirty, hairy dogs. That should last a few days.
Been so busy haven't been able to go walk down on the beach, and also it's been kind of cold, don't like the wind buffeting me around which it does on the beach.
Well time to starting thinking of something for supper.
Until later then...take care.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Finally - Myrtle Beach

We made it today. Alot of construction along the way, it slowed us down. And alot of little towns and such to go through. It was probably around 3:30 by the time we got to our site and put jacks down and slides out. Then there was cleaning to do, and a more permanent setup as we'll be here for 4 weeks.
Park is absolutely huge, would prefer a little more private but it's fine, has water, sewer, electricity, cable and phone at the site. Internet is a $$$ option but not one I will do without of course. We are about 400 yards from the beach, I can actually hear the ocean waves if the windows are open. But with this weather windows are not open, at night anyway. Still chilly, supposed to go down to 37 F tonight. Brrrr.
Hopefully tomorrow will take the 'kids' for a walk on the beach. Laundry to do, etc. Just like at home LOL.
Won't blog everyday, but will do every few days or so.
Until later then...take care.

Friday, 5 March 2010

1/2 Way to Myrtle Beach

Today we left Lakeland at about 10 AM. Good drive all the way. There was a fair bit of construction on the highway, but it only narrowed the road, no holes or junk like that.
We are in Darien, Georgia. It's a very nice campground, not very big, only 50 spots. The weather seems quite a lot warmer than when we left Lakeland, AND NO WIND !!! Yahoo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just relaxing, they have great internet here, cable, full hookups, we're happy.
Tomorrow, the trip to Myrtle Beach takes us through a lot of little towns, so that is going to slow us down. Once you leave I95, you hit town after town til you get to Myrtle Beach. Looking forward to settling in for the 4 weeks.
On Monday we have Camping World coming to install 2 window awnings for us. I ordered them awhile back at home and made arrangements for them to come and install them while we parked at the campground.
Hope to get a fairly early start tomorrow.
Well until later then..take care.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Florida has come to an end!!

This is our last day here in Florida. Other than the wind, it's been most enjoyable. Not the temperatures that we would have liked to experienced, but nice. Tonight we are going out for dinner with Ken's sister and brother-in-law, Iris and Bob. We have eaten and eaten some more while here. Yesterday they had a luncheon after a craft show. It was very nice, all the ladies contribute to the luncheon. I did buy something at the craft show. It has been on my list of things to get for the MH for some time. It's a drying rack that fits on the back ladder of the MH to hang your clothes out. Then last night we went to some church hall that offers dinner for $6. It was okay, didn't knock my socks off but ok. The people here seem to know where to go for all the food bargains. Iris said that they spend very little on groceries while down here. I can see why !!
For about 3 days now the wind has been brutal. Up to 25 miles per hour at one point. We all pulled our awnings in. Went to bed listening to the howling. Wouldn't be so bad if it didn't also drop the temperature, AND it's howling again.
Gave the 'beast' a good vacuuming today and did some laundry.
Destination tomorrow is somewhere in Georgia then Myrtle Beach on Saturday.
All in all it's been a pleasant stay here, nice visiting with Ken's family. Very nice to put down 'root's for a week. But ready to move on to MB.
So...until later. Take care.
**sorry still no pictues, not a one.