Monday, 29 March 2010

Winding Down

It's been awhile since I blogged, but the days just kind of run one into another here. So as we are winding down and getting into the mindset of going home thought I better put fingers to keys again.

We haven't done a whole lot. Ken and I did go out mini putting by ourselves and I managed to get around the course, twice, with injuring something again. We took our time as there were many ups and downs to the course and stairs, but my foot held up. And of course some more shopping. We were going to the show to see Avatar but when we got there, we were told that the day before was the last day for it playing.

We also went out for dinner for these 'world's most delicious' (according to my sister, Marlene) lobster tails. They are fresh water lobsters from South Africa and they are around 10 - 12 ounces each. Now for those of you who eat lobster you know that's a very large tail. And they were absolutely delicious, sweet, tender, lovely. A little pricey but you only go around once.

We have been so disappointed with the weather this year. Normally, when we're down here, it's time to put the shorts on. Not this year, haven't had them on once. And we had a thunderstorm during the night and it's been pouring ever since. And I do mean pouring. Hopefully it will wash all the bird poop off the car and MH. We are under one of the few trees in this park and of course the birds have called it HOME. Nicer weather has been predicted for the rest of the week, but that's the weatherman talking and we all know how accurate he has been of late. Probably starting Saturday, the weather will warm up and been lovely after that. Of course, we head home Saturday.

One of my sisters, Joyce, heads for her home on Thursday. We are all getting together for a farewell to Myrtle Beach dinner tomorrow night, Tuesday.

The park has really started to fill up, and glad we're leaving it. Too many people, especially the little variety!! Next year, if we come down here, we will try and find another park. We have discussed not coming here and heading over to Arizona instead. We have a whole year to decide. Not making any major decisions yet cause as my sister says 'I don't even buy green bananas anymore !!!!' LMAO

Foot is well on the mend. Still tender but getting better everyday.

So as I sit here watching the rain run down the windshield I'll say...until later...take care.

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