Friday, 5 March 2010

1/2 Way to Myrtle Beach

Today we left Lakeland at about 10 AM. Good drive all the way. There was a fair bit of construction on the highway, but it only narrowed the road, no holes or junk like that.
We are in Darien, Georgia. It's a very nice campground, not very big, only 50 spots. The weather seems quite a lot warmer than when we left Lakeland, AND NO WIND !!! Yahoo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just relaxing, they have great internet here, cable, full hookups, we're happy.
Tomorrow, the trip to Myrtle Beach takes us through a lot of little towns, so that is going to slow us down. Once you leave I95, you hit town after town til you get to Myrtle Beach. Looking forward to settling in for the 4 weeks.
On Monday we have Camping World coming to install 2 window awnings for us. I ordered them awhile back at home and made arrangements for them to come and install them while we parked at the campground.
Hope to get a fairly early start tomorrow.
Well until later then..take care.

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