Monday, 8 March 2010

Beautiful Sunny Day

It was an absolutely beautiful day here today. The installers from Camping World arrived right on time this morning to install the new window awnings. I love them, what a difference they make. Then we went to Camping World to return a couple items, pay for the awnings and buy more RV stuff.
Tomorrow Ken is going to wash 'the beast' as she needs it. And there are a couple other things that need doing. We bought covers for the vents that allow us to keep them open even if it's raining and Ken has to install those, easy peasy. I have windows to wash. Today I shampooed the carpet thanks to our dirty, hairy dogs. That should last a few days.
Been so busy haven't been able to go walk down on the beach, and also it's been kind of cold, don't like the wind buffeting me around which it does on the beach.
Well time to starting thinking of something for supper.
Until later then...take care.

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