Thursday, 15 July 2010

My Sister's 65th

We headed up to Cookstown to spend 3 nights in the KOA up there. It's a lovely little KOA but why they feel it necessary to remove the trees when they create a campground I'll never know.

It was my sister's 65th birthday and as we live over an hour's drive from them we decided to take the rig and spend some fun time in it and have my sister and brother-in-law over for dinner.

The Thursday we left home was brutally hot and we had to make the trip with the generator running and both AC's going. Mainly for our dogs and cat but the dash air wouldn't have been enough on that day. It was HOT!!! When we got there it was so disgustingly hot that we didn't venture outside and we only took the dogs out to do 'their thing' and one is fairly older and the other is very hairy so couldn't risk them overheating. Friday morning around 3 AM it started raining and it poured until about 11 AM. But it was good, it was needed. Friday afternoon was not as hot but it was muggy.

Saturday dawned bright and clear and low humidity. It was a perfect day. Turned off the AC, opened the windows and it was beautiful. Put a roast on the BBQ and had a lovely supper. We got some wood and 4 of us sat around the fire pit until about 10:30 when they left for home. It had gotten actually chilly at this point. Opened some windows in the rig and went to bed. It was downright cool in there in the morning but fresh and lovely.

Sunday we packed up and headed for home. Would have like to stay longer, but duties at home were calling. Cleaned the rig up and there she sits in the driveway awaiting our next adventure.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Man it's Hot

Only 6 weeks until we leave on our trip down to the South West. Seems like just last week that we booked it (although it was months ago). We are going with a RV Caravan. We enjoy last year's one down to the Maritimes that we're doing it again. I really must sit down and play my navigator part and do the maps etc.

We are heading just about 1 1/2 hours up north a bit to celebrate my sister's 65th birthday with her. We have booked a KOA site not far from her and her and her husband are coming over for dinner on Saturday night. I hope the weather holds, right now they are predicting rain.

The rig is in our driveway while I putter around in it and pack up for our wee trip. Amazing what you need just for a few days. The heat has really been plaguing me though. As we don't have 50 amp plug here at home (my son, the electrician is going to put one in for us) I cannot turn on the rigs big AC units as they will blow the fuse. We have one of those stand up portable units that I bought last year specifically to put in the rig when needed, when it's parked in our driveway. But wouldn't you know it, it broke down. Gotta love Costco, cause we hauled it off over there and no questions asked refunded our money and we walked right back into the store and bought another one. It's doing a pretty good job in there. But I DO NOT want to see my hydro bill next month. OUCH !!!!

This trip we will have another rider along. We rescued a cat, Arthur, and he's coming along for the ride. He's a Cool Dude and nothing seems to bother him. I have had him out there in the rig and he seems fine with it. More stuff to bring now, cat food, litter, cat bed, you get the picture.

Well I need to get back to my list and packing up. Have to go over to shop at Costco later today..

Till later then..take care.