Wednesday, 9 October 2013

The Countdown is ON

Yes that’s right.  Another summer has come and gone and now the countdown has begun for our trip south.  Where did the time go?  It seems not so long ago that we just got back.

We went out for a few days in the rig around 3 weeks or so ago.  We had great weather, the evenings and nights were a little cool but with the fireplace on and when necessary, the furnace, we were all toasty warm.  It really did seem a little strange that Arthur wasn’t there in all his usually favourite spots.  We really do miss that little guy alot.

We will pick up the rig at the end of this month to start packing up for our trip to Texas this year.  I just finished mapping out the route and finding campsites to stop at for the night.  It sure is along way.  We found a couple minor issues with the rig so the dealer is looking into those.  Nothing too bad, one of the scissors support jacks at the very back didn’t seem to want to go down and one of the latches on the bins didn’t want to latch.  I’m sure they’ll have them fixed in no time.  As much as we loved our Class A rig we really are enjoying all the extra living space in this 5th wheel.  Like living in a small apartment.

The bathroom project that was started so very long ago finally got finished.  What a screw up with the vanity.  Ordered the first one, waited 4 weeks for delivery and when it arrived it really was a piece of junk.  All the doors and cupboards were crooked.  So that went back and we ordered from another company.  That was another 4 weeks, they arrived and they had screwed up the positioning on one of the cupboards.  That one cupboard had to go back and be reordered.  Another 3 weeks went by.  In the meantime, my son, who is a electrician by trade and a ‘can do anything, fix anything’ guy had installed the new vanity lights and ceiling exhaust fan and plugs.  The correct vanity finally arrived and my son and Ken installed them.  And my son did all the plumbing for me.  I ordered a granite counter top, 2 more weeks.  In the past couple days, I installed the backsplash and touch-ups of paint from some ‘boo boo’s’ of things being installed, mainly the countertop.  But I can officially say, it is done!!!  We wanted to do the powder room on the first floor before we left, but after this marathon job, it will now wait until we return in the spring.  Thank goodness this was only the guest bathroom or we would have really been in big, big trouble.

Well that is about it for now..blogging will pick up again once we start to head out.

Hope everyone is healthy and happy.  Be safe.

Until later then..take care.