Tuesday, 29 March 2011


First I would like to welcome new followers, Dennis and Donna, and Nantucketbreezes, but I can’t seem to find a blog for them.  If you have one let me know and I’ll update the link.  Also welcome Karen.

What a shock to the system to go from the high 70’s, low 80’s to just above freezing.  All in one day too.  Last night was the coldest since we first started out back in January.  I had left our electric heaters running last night but apparently it just wasn’t enough and it was 63 F (about 16C) in here this morning.  Because heat pumps won’t work if it’s too cold, I turned on the gas furnaces, front and back, and had it nice and toasty in here in no time flat.  Think I just better leave them preset at about 67 F before we go to bed at night, just in case.  Thought the furnace days were behind us at least until we start back home.

We really haven’t been doing much of anything (it’s a tough life).  Yesterday and the night before it rained buckets and thunder and lightening too.  They are calling for more for the next couple days.  But today is bright and sunny, albeit COLD.  But the sun is encouraging.

Our neighbour pulled out of here on Sunday, heading for somewhere in southern Florida.  Unfortunately, he forgot to unplug from his shore line, and even though Ken ran out to stop him, it was too late. He pulled the electrical box on the site right out.  He is fortunate that it was only the shore box, because I think repairs to his rig would have been much more costly than the campgrounds box.  He did notify them up at the office, because 5 minutes after he pulled out they were down here inspecting the damage.  Nothing has been done about it yet, so I suppose they are waiting for a electrician.

Speaking of repairs, we did get our step fixed.  It required a new motor.  The mobile service we called, ordered the part and installed several days ago, and we keep checking to ensure it still works.  It does.  The infamous awning that we had all the issues with when we went on our Utah, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico trip is still causing problems.  Camping World who installed them in the first place came over and tightened the springs in the end of the awning.  Well they apparently tightened them too much because when I retracted it and then tried to roll it out again, it was extremely tight,  VERY, and then I heard SPRONG!!! and that was the end of any tension.  Contacted Camping World again and they said the spring will have to be replaced as once it SPRONGS..it’s broken.  Fortunately, Dometic is still covering our warranty but this is getting on our nerves.  What the heck is wrong with this stupid awning.  Had 2 installed, the other works like a charm, this one..well??it’s been a real PITA.

Got some pictures of the ducks.  Smart little buggers.  I go out there and call them, ‘Here Ducky,’ and all of a sudden they appear from no where and come swimming over looking for their grub.  I love when they fly in and then land and glide across the water with their feet as they land, it’s so comical.  We have a pair of fellow Canadians here too.  They are geese.  Only have seen the 1 pair.  But if they are within hearing range, they come over too looking for free handouts. 
Ducks KOA 2011 (12) Ducks KOA 2011 (4) Ducks KOA 2011 (5) Ducks KOA 2011 (6) Ducks KOA 2011 (7) Ducks KOA 2011 (8) Ducks KOA 2011 (9) Ducks KOA 2011 (10) Ducks KOA 2011 (11)

I have been trying to find a catnip plant for Arthur since we’ve been away but no one has had them.  The other day while we were in Home Depot the fellow from the nursery where they get their plants and asked me if he could help.  Told him I was looking for catnip, he was surprised and asked what I use it for.  Told him it wasn’t for me, but my cat loves it and he was surprised, he said he had no idea that cats liked it and he was going to give some to his cat.  I told him that cats just adore that stuff so he said that they did have some back at their greenhouse and he would bring some in next time he came.  Well true to his word, when we went back there was about a dozen plants, so I grabbed 2 and this is the result…Arthur and Catnip Arthur and Catnip (2)
he has eaten the whole plant down to it’s nubs.  Went back to buy some more but they were all gone.  Think the nursery has discovered a good seller.  He was there again and said he was bringing more today, so we’ll head over and pick up a couple more.  I think Arthur is a catnip addict.

Until later then…take care.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011


We haven’t been doing anything spectacular here.  Just lazing around.  Ken reassembled the step, it worked a couple times and stopped.  So we called a mobile RV company and he came over and took a look and said it was the motor.  They have ordered a new one and will install in a few days. 

I bought some cracked corn and have been feeding the ducks on the pond behind us.  Keep forgetting to take my camera with me when I do.  Sometimes there are a couple dozen of them fighting for the corn.  But I will get a picture before we leave.

I made my annual trip to Camping World.  All year, back home, I keep a list of things I need or want to buy and when we get here, head for Camping World.  Some of the things, we can’t get at home, some of them, we can get but almost double the price.  I love that store!!!  When we were on our RV caravan last fall, some of our fellow RV'ers had these great folding chairs with little side tables.  We loved them, so they went on my list.   Got 2 of them. 

The weather has been great here, very warm, a little on the windy side.  But the pollen is really bad this year.  It’s that yellow pollen from the pine trees that settles on, into, around, behind EVERYTHING.  I have ‘swiffered’ myself to death.  It’s really, really bad.  Today it was so bad, I was sitting at my laptop and ran the ‘swiffer’ over the keyboard, and no world of a lie, 5 minutes later it was coated again.  So totally fed up with it, that we shut all the windows and turned the air on.  That helped. 

My sister and husband had us over for supper last night.  It was very good.  Lasagna, salad, and garlic bread.  Very tasty.  They are leaving for home on the 1st.  We have some good friends that are arriving on the 1st from Moncton, New Brunswick.

We are enjoying the campground, it’s quiet and ‘unbusy’.  March breakers must have headed for other campgrounds, like Ocean Lakes, and Pirateland.  Those campgrounds are more suited for families and kids.  As we found out last year!!!!

Until later…take care.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Destination – Myrtle Beach

We made it to Myrtle Beach.  We left Lakeland on the 14th, stayed overnight in Savannah, Georgia.  We are nicely settled into our site here at the KOA in Myrtle Beach.  We like this place.  We had an ‘issue’ when we went to leave Lakeland.  Of course, a trip wouldn’t be a trip for us without ‘issues’.  Every time we bring in the slides, pull up the jacks, I hold my breath.  Ok, in came the slides, yeah.  Next the jacks, all retract as they should, double yeah.  So I’m going to follow Ken to where we can hook up the car.  Hold on a minute, front door is wide open.  Jump out of the car and shut the door.  Step doesn’t retract.  Open the door, shut the door.  Doesn’t retract.  Do this a few times, turn the motor off get out the manual.  Doesn’t tell me much.  Ken fiddles with it.  Nope.  It’s not moving.  Call Coach-Net, they tell us to do something, remove some cotter pin, Ken does this, step should now manually push in.  No.  So Coach-Net gets hold of a mobile RV repair and they are on the way to us.  They arrive about 20 minutes later.  Fellow takes a look at it, asks the usual question, did you check the fuse, yes we did.  So long story short, he finally gets the steps in and disconnects the motor.  Ties the steps up with bungees.  For us it’s a pain to get in and out, with an old arthritic dog, it’s terrible.  Ken has to life her in and out.  Jackson just jumps in and out but he has youth on his side and no arthritis.  We’ll have a look at them again while we’re here.  Right now they are in the down position so we can get in and out without a problem.

Myrtle Beach1 Myrtle Beach2 PICT0005 PICT0006

This is our site here.  There is a cute little deck behind us that over looks a tidal pool.  It’s salt water and they said NO GATORS.  Whew !!  Lots of ducks though, they sure like to talk a lot too.

This morning we took Maggie and Jackson for a walk on the beach and to meet with some good friends of ours that are down here for a week on March break.  Maggie adores these guys and we can’t even mention ‘Aunty Susan’ around her as she gets so excited.  Needless to say she was very happy to ‘unexpectingly’ run into them on the beach.  She outdid herself a little and I had to give her one of her high power pain killers when she got home, but I would say, in her books, it was worth it.  She enjoyed herself.  Jackson enjoyed running in and out of the water.  What a goof !!

Today my sister’s husband is in a golf tournament so she is spending the day with me.  Her husband is coming later for supper.  Too bad my other sister is stuck back up in Barrie.  They didn’t make it down this year. 

Until later..take care

Thursday, 10 March 2011

More gators pics and some visiting

I would like to welcome a new follower, Joe.  Welcome.  I couldn’t find a blog for you so if you have one, let me know and I’ll associate it with you.  Thanks.

I was able to finally get a picture of these guys quite close-up.  They don’t seem to mind humans (well we are a potential dinner I guess) and only run away if you get too close.  I really wanted a nice close shot of the big guy and I think I got one.
Sanlan Alligator6

We have been to dinner at Ken’s sisters’ place and then over to a supper the church does once a week.  Iris’ dinner was great..the church supper, not so much.  Tonight some friends of Iris’ have invited Ken and I for dinner at their 5er.  Ken’s sister and husband too of course. 

Last evening the skies opened and it poured.  Started up again early this morning and hasn’t stopped since.  It has just let up a little bit as I type this.  Weather bureau says sun should be out later (???? yeah sure).  Rig needed a good dusting off so hopefully this rain got rid of some of it.  Just hard to get the pooches out to do their business in a torrential downpour.  We had a large umbrella that Ken tries to protect himself and them too.  Only takes them one at a time.  Maggie is smart, she goes out there and gets right down to her business so she can get back in where it’s warm and dry.  Now Jackson, well he dilly dallies around and of course gets both him and Ken wet in the process.  Guess he hasn’t figured out the do it quick and get back inside process yet.  

Weather here has been really great (not counting today of course).  We have had to have the air on and that is a first.  It was in the mid to high 80’s yesterday.  If it was just Ken and I in here I wouldn’t bother with the air, but it does seem to affect the dogs and Jackson has this huge fur coat and he hates heat so we put it on for them.  The things we do for our critters !!!!

Every morning these birds come walking thru the campground from the pond.  I’m sure someone out there must know what they are.  I don’t have a clue.  They kind of mosey around looking for food, don’t get too close, but don’t seem to be really wary of people either. They hunk and peck around then back to the pond.
Sanlan Bird3

Until later…take care. 

Monday, 7 March 2011

Bike ride and Alligators

There are several nature trails here at Sanlan RV Park in Lakeland.  Acres and acres of them.  As it was a perfect day for a bike ride, not too hot, we hit the trails.  There are many ponds here and I think most of them are inhabited by alligators.  We have seen gators in at least 2 of them.  On nice warm, sunny days they can be seen basking in the sun.  There are 2 here that are at least 12 feet long.  I was hoping to get a picture of them, but the big ones weren’t out when we passed by, but I’ll get a picture of them before we leave here.  The header picture speaks for itself.  Click a picture to enlarge.
Bike Ride in Sanlan Bike Ride in Sanlan (3) Bike Ride in Sanlan (17)

The trails are lovely, quiet, beautiful and we had a great bike ride.  Although it is sand and sometimes it was difficult to get through.  My calves were starting to scream at me by the time we got home.  I must get a odometer for the bike.  I would like to know how far we travel.  Lots and lots of wildlife around, I’m not a bird person so I don’t know the names of the ones I saw.  I did recognize the ducks though, but what kind, well you have me there.
Bike Ride in Sanlan (10) Bike Ride in Sanlan (12) Bike Ride in Sanlan (8)

We are really missing Emerald Coast RV.  It was such a lovely spot and we loved it.  This park is fine, but for my liking, too big.  The people here are really friendly and I think the majority of them come year after year.  I know Ken’s family have been coming here close to 30 years now.  His Mom and Dad came down every year.  First they brought down a small travel trailer, about 30 feet long.  They lived in that every time they came down.  Then they had a huge Florida room built on and that must have made living much more comfortable.  The trailer now houses the bedroom, kitchen and a very small bathroom.  The Florida room has the dining room and a big living room area.  Since his parents have passed away, one of his brothers and wife and his sister and husband alternate coming down between October and April.  So that is why we headed this way for a quick visit before heading up to Myrtle Beach in a week.

Poor Jackson is missing Kooper (didn’t realize that is how they spell his name).  What a shame, those 2 got a lot so well and just loved each other.  They played very well together and never got too rough.

Ken’s sister has invited us over for supper tonight so we will be heading over there.  Always so nice to have someone else do the cooking.  Ken can’t even hardly boil water so I do all the cooking.  I love to cook but sometimes a break is nice.  That’s when we go out to eat.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Lakeland, Florida

We arrived here in Lakeland yesterday about 1 PM.  We over nighted in Lake City at a RV park called Casey Jones RV Park.  It’s an easy stop just off the highway and the sites are very long and pull through, so you don’t have to unhook your toad.  Makes for an easy departure in the morning.

We are here for 10 days then heading up to Myrtle Beach for the last month. 

I am going to try and post a video I took of Jackson & Cooper playing and you can see Reggie in there too and I think Maggie too.  The reason they run to the fence when the golf cart arrives is because all the workers drive around in those carts and carry dog biscuits for the dogs and those guys know it !!  Here’s a link to a longer one if you want to see them really romp..Click here

Until later..take care.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Farewells and Adieu’s

The RV park last night had a farewell coffee and cake gathering as many people are leaving today.  Sad, watching all these people that you’ve come to know over the past 2 months, driving by on their way to their next stop.  Of course that will be us 2 mornings from now too.  At the gathering last night most people here knew us by our dogs.  It’s ‘oh you’re the ones with those 2 big, beautiful, friendly dogs’.  Yes that’s us.  

Our dogs are major people dogs and everyone likes to stop and pat them and in a lot of cases, have little treats for them.  And they always know who has the treats for them.  There are a lot of workcampers in here.  They drive golf carts around, doing landscaping, picking up garbage etc.  All of them have a Ziploc bag onboard with dog biscuits, so needless to say when we pass one of them on the walks, they have to stop and get their treats.  Doesn’t take them long to get to know that either.  Jackson just about takes your arm off pulling you over to the carts.  He’s a big powerful guy.  He is so going to miss Cooper.  But they have re-booked for next year too as has Reggie’s folks.  It has been so good for Jackie to have these guys to play with and he has really lost some weight in all the running and fooling around he’s been doing.  I hope we meet up with another good dog buddy before we head home.  When we go to Myrtle Beach, dogs are allowed on the beaches there so we can take them down there for a good walk and run.  Wonder if he’ll still be scared of the waves crashing in?

Tomorrow we will be getting things organized for leaving in the morning.  We try and do as much the night before so there is less to do in the morning, just bring in the slides, put the jacks up and go.  Hopefully that is, always have my trepidations about the slides and jacks.

Yesterday we went for lunch at a burger place here called Five Guys.  Most excellent hamburger, it was delicious and real french fries with the skins still on.  Just how I like them.  Several people had raved about it so we decided to give it a try before we leave and it was worth it.  Yummy.
PICT0004 PICT0003

Wish the sun would come out today and get me out of this funk.  Makes me feel really sad to see all these people leaving.  But the majority of them come back every year so we will be seeing a lot of them next year.  We need a change of scenery anyhow so will be nice to be heading out and spend some time with Ken’s sister and husband.  And then when we head to Myrtle Beach, one of my sister’s and her husband is there.  After they leave we have some very good friends driving down from Moncton, New Brunswick to spend the month of April in Myrtle Beach so we will get to spend 2 weeks visiting them before we head north.  I’m hoping by then the good weather will have moved back into Ontario. 

And this is how a very lazy cat spends his days.  I’m looking down from the top of the recliner.

Until later…take care.