Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Destination – Myrtle Beach

We made it to Myrtle Beach.  We left Lakeland on the 14th, stayed overnight in Savannah, Georgia.  We are nicely settled into our site here at the KOA in Myrtle Beach.  We like this place.  We had an ‘issue’ when we went to leave Lakeland.  Of course, a trip wouldn’t be a trip for us without ‘issues’.  Every time we bring in the slides, pull up the jacks, I hold my breath.  Ok, in came the slides, yeah.  Next the jacks, all retract as they should, double yeah.  So I’m going to follow Ken to where we can hook up the car.  Hold on a minute, front door is wide open.  Jump out of the car and shut the door.  Step doesn’t retract.  Open the door, shut the door.  Doesn’t retract.  Do this a few times, turn the motor off get out the manual.  Doesn’t tell me much.  Ken fiddles with it.  Nope.  It’s not moving.  Call Coach-Net, they tell us to do something, remove some cotter pin, Ken does this, step should now manually push in.  No.  So Coach-Net gets hold of a mobile RV repair and they are on the way to us.  They arrive about 20 minutes later.  Fellow takes a look at it, asks the usual question, did you check the fuse, yes we did.  So long story short, he finally gets the steps in and disconnects the motor.  Ties the steps up with bungees.  For us it’s a pain to get in and out, with an old arthritic dog, it’s terrible.  Ken has to life her in and out.  Jackson just jumps in and out but he has youth on his side and no arthritis.  We’ll have a look at them again while we’re here.  Right now they are in the down position so we can get in and out without a problem.

Myrtle Beach1 Myrtle Beach2 PICT0005 PICT0006

This is our site here.  There is a cute little deck behind us that over looks a tidal pool.  It’s salt water and they said NO GATORS.  Whew !!  Lots of ducks though, they sure like to talk a lot too.

This morning we took Maggie and Jackson for a walk on the beach and to meet with some good friends of ours that are down here for a week on March break.  Maggie adores these guys and we can’t even mention ‘Aunty Susan’ around her as she gets so excited.  Needless to say she was very happy to ‘unexpectingly’ run into them on the beach.  She outdid herself a little and I had to give her one of her high power pain killers when she got home, but I would say, in her books, it was worth it.  She enjoyed herself.  Jackson enjoyed running in and out of the water.  What a goof !!

Today my sister’s husband is in a golf tournament so she is spending the day with me.  Her husband is coming later for supper.  Too bad my other sister is stuck back up in Barrie.  They didn’t make it down this year. 

Until later..take care


  1. Hope you have good weather while in myrtle beach, Jackson must be like our Rigg's,he loves the water and is a goof too, I think all Labs are born with that trait. It's Like oh boy oh boy, what kind of trouble can I get into next oh boy. Have fun and be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  2. your site at the KOA looks very nice!..hope you get the stairs fixed soon!!

  3. Sorry to not get to you sooner, the WIFI the last few days was not the best. I sent you and Email. Sorry to here about your "Issues", hope you don't have any more. Sometimes a good healthy kick fixes them, LOL.
    Have fun, we are in W. Memphis, Arkansas now, we leave for Perryvile, Missouri on the 20th. Aunty Linda sends XOXO to your two kids!

  4. Love your spot there...We had a Black Lab we had to have put down at age 13...She was just soooo great...I hate it when things don't work as they should...Savannah is a place we really need to visit...So many little time!!!