Tuesday, 29 March 2011


First I would like to welcome new followers, Dennis and Donna, and Nantucketbreezes, but I can’t seem to find a blog for them.  If you have one let me know and I’ll update the link.  Also welcome Karen.

What a shock to the system to go from the high 70’s, low 80’s to just above freezing.  All in one day too.  Last night was the coldest since we first started out back in January.  I had left our electric heaters running last night but apparently it just wasn’t enough and it was 63 F (about 16C) in here this morning.  Because heat pumps won’t work if it’s too cold, I turned on the gas furnaces, front and back, and had it nice and toasty in here in no time flat.  Think I just better leave them preset at about 67 F before we go to bed at night, just in case.  Thought the furnace days were behind us at least until we start back home.

We really haven’t been doing much of anything (it’s a tough life).  Yesterday and the night before it rained buckets and thunder and lightening too.  They are calling for more for the next couple days.  But today is bright and sunny, albeit COLD.  But the sun is encouraging.

Our neighbour pulled out of here on Sunday, heading for somewhere in southern Florida.  Unfortunately, he forgot to unplug from his shore line, and even though Ken ran out to stop him, it was too late. He pulled the electrical box on the site right out.  He is fortunate that it was only the shore box, because I think repairs to his rig would have been much more costly than the campgrounds box.  He did notify them up at the office, because 5 minutes after he pulled out they were down here inspecting the damage.  Nothing has been done about it yet, so I suppose they are waiting for a electrician.

Speaking of repairs, we did get our step fixed.  It required a new motor.  The mobile service we called, ordered the part and installed several days ago, and we keep checking to ensure it still works.  It does.  The infamous awning that we had all the issues with when we went on our Utah, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico trip is still causing problems.  Camping World who installed them in the first place came over and tightened the springs in the end of the awning.  Well they apparently tightened them too much because when I retracted it and then tried to roll it out again, it was extremely tight,  VERY, and then I heard SPRONG!!! and that was the end of any tension.  Contacted Camping World again and they said the spring will have to be replaced as once it SPRONGS..it’s broken.  Fortunately, Dometic is still covering our warranty but this is getting on our nerves.  What the heck is wrong with this stupid awning.  Had 2 installed, the other works like a charm, this one..well??it’s been a real PITA.

Got some pictures of the ducks.  Smart little buggers.  I go out there and call them, ‘Here Ducky,’ and all of a sudden they appear from no where and come swimming over looking for their grub.  I love when they fly in and then land and glide across the water with their feet as they land, it’s so comical.  We have a pair of fellow Canadians here too.  They are geese.  Only have seen the 1 pair.  But if they are within hearing range, they come over too looking for free handouts. 
Ducks KOA 2011 (12) Ducks KOA 2011 (4) Ducks KOA 2011 (5) Ducks KOA 2011 (6) Ducks KOA 2011 (7) Ducks KOA 2011 (8) Ducks KOA 2011 (9) Ducks KOA 2011 (10) Ducks KOA 2011 (11)

I have been trying to find a catnip plant for Arthur since we’ve been away but no one has had them.  The other day while we were in Home Depot the fellow from the nursery where they get their plants and asked me if he could help.  Told him I was looking for catnip, he was surprised and asked what I use it for.  Told him it wasn’t for me, but my cat loves it and he was surprised, he said he had no idea that cats liked it and he was going to give some to his cat.  I told him that cats just adore that stuff so he said that they did have some back at their greenhouse and he would bring some in next time he came.  Well true to his word, when we went back there was about a dozen plants, so I grabbed 2 and this is the result…Arthur and Catnip Arthur and Catnip (2)
he has eaten the whole plant down to it’s nubs.  Went back to buy some more but they were all gone.  Think the nursery has discovered a good seller.  He was there again and said he was bringing more today, so we’ll head over and pick up a couple more.  I think Arthur is a catnip addict.

Until later then…take care.


  1. lucky Arthur..on a 'catnip high'!..good luck with the awning!!..glad to see you have some good ole 'canadian visitors'!!

  2. Sounds like it might be more of a problem with the installation than the awning itself??

  3. Tell the stoner cat that Auntie Kim has not killed his plant at home (this time). In fact it is now bigger than the one he has in the picture. More partying when he gets home!!

  4. Sorry to hear it's so cold back there, yikes!

    I've also seen a guy tear his electrical connection out by driving away while still hooked up. I'm glad we still use a checklist because it's so easy to forget something!

  5. Bless the guy who said, "Hey, how about we put heat pumps AND furnaces in our RVS."