Monday, 7 March 2011

Bike ride and Alligators

There are several nature trails here at Sanlan RV Park in Lakeland.  Acres and acres of them.  As it was a perfect day for a bike ride, not too hot, we hit the trails.  There are many ponds here and I think most of them are inhabited by alligators.  We have seen gators in at least 2 of them.  On nice warm, sunny days they can be seen basking in the sun.  There are 2 here that are at least 12 feet long.  I was hoping to get a picture of them, but the big ones weren’t out when we passed by, but I’ll get a picture of them before we leave here.  The header picture speaks for itself.  Click a picture to enlarge.
Bike Ride in Sanlan Bike Ride in Sanlan (3) Bike Ride in Sanlan (17)

The trails are lovely, quiet, beautiful and we had a great bike ride.  Although it is sand and sometimes it was difficult to get through.  My calves were starting to scream at me by the time we got home.  I must get a odometer for the bike.  I would like to know how far we travel.  Lots and lots of wildlife around, I’m not a bird person so I don’t know the names of the ones I saw.  I did recognize the ducks though, but what kind, well you have me there.
Bike Ride in Sanlan (10) Bike Ride in Sanlan (12) Bike Ride in Sanlan (8)

We are really missing Emerald Coast RV.  It was such a lovely spot and we loved it.  This park is fine, but for my liking, too big.  The people here are really friendly and I think the majority of them come year after year.  I know Ken’s family have been coming here close to 30 years now.  His Mom and Dad came down every year.  First they brought down a small travel trailer, about 30 feet long.  They lived in that every time they came down.  Then they had a huge Florida room built on and that must have made living much more comfortable.  The trailer now houses the bedroom, kitchen and a very small bathroom.  The Florida room has the dining room and a big living room area.  Since his parents have passed away, one of his brothers and wife and his sister and husband alternate coming down between October and April.  So that is why we headed this way for a quick visit before heading up to Myrtle Beach in a week.

Poor Jackson is missing Kooper (didn’t realize that is how they spell his name).  What a shame, those 2 got a lot so well and just loved each other.  They played very well together and never got too rough.

Ken’s sister has invited us over for supper tonight so we will be heading over there.  Always so nice to have someone else do the cooking.  Ken can’t even hardly boil water so I do all the cooking.  I love to cook but sometimes a break is nice.  That’s when we go out to eat.


  1. Those trails by the water sure look nice, but I'd be on the lookout all the time for those alligators. Enjoy your dinner out!