Wednesday, 23 March 2011


We haven’t been doing anything spectacular here.  Just lazing around.  Ken reassembled the step, it worked a couple times and stopped.  So we called a mobile RV company and he came over and took a look and said it was the motor.  They have ordered a new one and will install in a few days. 

I bought some cracked corn and have been feeding the ducks on the pond behind us.  Keep forgetting to take my camera with me when I do.  Sometimes there are a couple dozen of them fighting for the corn.  But I will get a picture before we leave.

I made my annual trip to Camping World.  All year, back home, I keep a list of things I need or want to buy and when we get here, head for Camping World.  Some of the things, we can’t get at home, some of them, we can get but almost double the price.  I love that store!!!  When we were on our RV caravan last fall, some of our fellow RV'ers had these great folding chairs with little side tables.  We loved them, so they went on my list.   Got 2 of them. 

The weather has been great here, very warm, a little on the windy side.  But the pollen is really bad this year.  It’s that yellow pollen from the pine trees that settles on, into, around, behind EVERYTHING.  I have ‘swiffered’ myself to death.  It’s really, really bad.  Today it was so bad, I was sitting at my laptop and ran the ‘swiffer’ over the keyboard, and no world of a lie, 5 minutes later it was coated again.  So totally fed up with it, that we shut all the windows and turned the air on.  That helped. 

My sister and husband had us over for supper last night.  It was very good.  Lasagna, salad, and garlic bread.  Very tasty.  They are leaving for home on the 1st.  We have some good friends that are arriving on the 1st from Moncton, New Brunswick.

We are enjoying the campground, it’s quiet and ‘unbusy’.  March breakers must have headed for other campgrounds, like Ocean Lakes, and Pirateland.  Those campgrounds are more suited for families and kids.  As we found out last year!!!!

Until later…take care.


  1. we love Camping World store ever!!

  2. Glad to here the weather is good where you are, it's COLD here in Illinois.
    Did Jimmy crack that corn, and do you care?