Monday, 24 March 2008

There's No Place Like Home

Well we made it. Didn't get a chance to update last night as we had way too much stuff to do, and then we crashed!
Saturday didn't start out very well at all. The temperature had dropped significantly during the night and the water in the RV park taps had frozen. Stupid us, had turned off the water but left our hose hooked up, that was dumb. Any way, after pouring some boiling water on the faucet we managed to unhook ourselves. With no water there was no showers, etc. So we ventured down to the KOA facilities to use their bathroom to wash faces, brush teeth and whatever needed to be done. We packed up with much haste and left.
The day turned out to be a beautiful day though, very sunny, and it actually got warmer as we headed north.
Got home here about 3:30 PM, proceeded to unpack the MH and get organized. Normally we take a few days to unpack but we wanted to get the MH back up to the dealer, one, with this cold weather it needs to be winterized again, and two, for them to give us an estimate on the damage so we can get it fixed.
So after we get our act together this morning, it is very hard, we have totally run out of steam, we will get back on the road and drive it back up to the dealer.
But the main thing is that we got home here safe and sound (thanks Mom) and all was well back here. Oh, the dogs were joyous at being home also.

Saturday, 22 March 2008


Was not able to get an Internet connection last night. Try as I might, it would just not connect.
We are here in Washington PA. We were greeted about an hour outside of our destination, by snow!! Yes, that's right snow!! Right now it is about 40 degrees F. I imagine it will go down quite abit tonight, as it is 6:30 PM right now.
Tomorrow is our last lap on the way home. As nice as it is in the MH, it will be nice to sleep in my own bed, have a nice long not shower and be able to actually move about in a kitchen. Showers here are very limited as it's only a 6 gallon hot water tank. So you wet your hair, turn off the shower, apply shampoo, lather, turn on the shower, rinse. Do the same for the rest of your body. It does the job, but there is no lingering!!! I'm sure the dogs will appreciate having some more leg room too. But they have been really good, can't complain about them at all.
So if I have the strength tomorrow after unloading this beast, I will update for one final time....

Thursday, 20 March 2008


Tomorrow morning is the first leg in a 3 leg trip home. Just going in reverse, tomorrow should be Whytheville, Virginia.
Have secured everything inside that I can which I'm not using at the moment. Ken has removed the sun room, rolled up the awing, put the bikes back on the rack on the hitch, put the lawnchairs, mats etc, all back in the 'basement'. Got up on the roof and swept it off as it accumulated lots of debris as we are parked under alot of trees, to say nothing of all that cypress crud. We could hear pine cones dropping all the time.
He's just left to return the car rental and the rest of the day, hopefully will be relaxing.
Wouldn't you know it, Jackie found something out on one of his walks that he shouldn't have and whatever the heck it was has upset his tummy and he has been flying to the bathroom all day. He does have a very sensitive tummy so I have medicine for him, let's hope it works, or we won't make much progress tomorrow on the trip home!! Stopping every 1/2 hour or so. Gee what a time to get an upset...

Wednesday, 19 March 2008


Did a few errands today, picked up my booze to bring home. Got a couple bottles of Bailey's, one is caramel, yummo!! Another couple loads of laundry. That is it, until we get home.
We are definitely leaving Friday morning. So we'll be home Sunday instead of Monday.
Tomorrow will be a busy day, cleaning and putting away of the sunroom, getting the bikes loaded up, getting things secured inside and out. This darn cypress pollen gets into everything, all the lawn chairs must be hosed down to get that crud off.
Here are a few pictures thought you might enjoy....

My brother-in-law Bob, and Ken hamming it up at the fleamarket.

Ken taking the dogs for a walk.

Jackie helping Uncle Bob clean his plate...

The week before, all of us at Dueling Pianos.

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Tuesday 18th

Weather sure hasn't been the greatest this time down here. Last year we had 2 weeks of beautiful weather, but this time I think we might have have 3 days of sun so far. Kind of disappointing. Mind you it has been warmer than home.
Went for a walk on the beach this morning with the dogs. They always seem to be a hit with the people on the beach, especially Jackson. Everyone thinks he's so cute and they want to stop and pat him. It was a little chilly down there, windy.
This afternoon, we played 3 rounds of mini putt with my sister and her husband. That's 54 holes of mini putt. Then we went out for supper afterwards. An enjoyable day.
Tomorrow I am planning on doing a couple loads of laundry so I don't have so much dirty laundry to take home.
I think we are planning on leaving a day early. Leaving Friday instead of Saturday.

Monday, 17 March 2008

Didn't write an entry yesterday, and there wasn't anything to say. We didn't do squat yesterday.
Not much better today.
It was a really chilly day. This is the first morning that we had to run the furnace until after 10AM. It was downright cold. Don't think it even got into the 60's here today. That's about 14 C for you metric guys.
We did go for a bike ride around the park and then headed down the road to a Hardee's and had a burger and fries for lunch. When you were sitting in the sun it was quite nice, but once out of the sun, brrrrrrrr, it was nippy.
Ken sat outside for awhile with the dogs hooked up on their long tie ups, but even he gave up and came in cause it was cold.
They're saying in the mid 60's tomorrow and into the 70's by Wednesday. Boy I hope so.

Saturday, 15 March 2008


Ok here we go...
Today, we went to the big flea market they have here. It's really great, they have everything. I wish that I could have shopped here when we first got our MH. There were so many things that I needed to put in here and this flea market has everything. I did buy a couple things for the MH. If you're ever in Myrtle Beach be sure to check out Hudson's Flea Market in Surfside.
Met up with my sister and we browsed. Great fun.
Then we went and played 36 holes of mini putt. That is just too much fun. They have a mini putt just about on every corner here.
Bob and Marlene came back to the MH while we fed the dogs and Ken took them for a walk to stretch their legs and have a pee and pooh. While poor Ken was out doing that we sat in the MH and had a drink... LOL.
Then we went out for supper at a place called Chesepeake. It was pretty good.
Bad weather was predicted and as usual when bad weather is predicted, it comes. Not good weather, just bad. Actually tornados just north of us. Wonderful!!! It started to rain, like there was no tomorrow when we were at the restaurant, and was very windy. I was very concerned because we have the awning down with the sunroom. Had visions of the MH being blown away with my babies inside. But when we got back it was just raining hard. We put down the inside covers on the sunroom and so far so good. It's the wind that concerns me but we are in a heavily wooded area and it seems to block out the wind, hopefully. But it sure is raining hard.
It's cozy in here with the sound of the rain on the roof and the awning. As long as it's only rain, and not the wind, I'm okay with that.
Tomorrow's forecast doesn't say anything about rain so hopefully it will be an OKAY kind of day.
Ken is going to get awful wet taking these guys out for their final 'wiz' before bed.
Till tomorrow..good night.

Friday, 14 March 2008

A Do Nothing Day

Today we did not much to say. We went for a bike ride, and that was it!! Just sat around all day, read, on the computer. It was a gloomy day, warm, but gloomy.
Tomorrow we have several things planned. Tell you then.
Our friends should be home by now...back to the cold country.
Sorry for no news today..will have more news tomorrow.

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Laundry Day

We went for a hour or so walk on the beach this morning. It was very low tide so we were able to walk where the sand is nice and compacted so it wasn't such a battle walking.

Then came back and I did a couple loads of laundry. Boy people such are friendly in RV parks. As soon as anyone moves into their spot someone is over there asking them where they're from and how are things, etc.etc. Same in the laundry room, everyone chatting like we've know each other for ages. It's nice when you're out walking everyone says Good morning, or afternoon. That's pleasant. People stop and say, 'What beautiful dogs'. Course these guys just love the attention.

We went out for supper tonight as it's the 13th. An Italian restaurant. It was OK, probably a 6 out of 10. Ken had the veal parmigian and I had the lobster tails.

It was an absolutely beautiful day here, sunny and in the high 60's. Just a wonderful day.

Our friends are flying back to Toronto tomorrow. But my sister and her husband are still here.

Till tomorow then...

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Dueling Pianos

Today, it's another relax day. Don't know how much of this I can take.
It's sunny, and 14 degrees C.
We have a bit of shopping to do today..but later. Right now we're just chilling!!
Tonight we're going out for supper with my sister and her devilish handsome (LMAO) husband, and our friends, Trevor and Sue are also joining us. Then we're going to a bar called Dueling Pianos. It's great fun. There are 2 pianos up on the stage and there are various pianists during the evening that play music, anything and everything. You can request and they do their own. It's a rip roaring time, let me tell you. Nothing quiet and sedate at all. Lots of fun.

Past Blogs

I am going to copy the past blogs from the old site here by date....
February 27th..Getting Ready
Well, I think my list is just about complete for our trip to Myrtle Beach. Just when I think I've added everything I need another thought goes through my head, and so thankfully I just have to bring the list up in WORD and add another item. I suppose I'm rather anal about having lists. I have lists for just about everything, but I haven't forgotten anything important yet on any of our trips.This trip requires extra 'stuff' because we'll be travelling from cold weather to warmer and we have to pack for the cold. No water can be hooked up for the first night, but hopefully we will hit warmer weather on the second and can hook up some water. Will be rather stinky in the MH if we can't get into the shower!!We're heading up on Friday to pick up 'the beast' and wouldn't you know it, they predict snow. Of course!!! What else!!! But like Ken says, hey we live in Canada. Yeah right.......

February 28th..
Short post today...still predicting snow for tomorrow. YUK YUK YUK!!! I'm a little nervous about Ken driving the MH home but he doesn't seem too concerned, so I guess I shouldn't be either.Hopefully it won't snow too much.

March 1st..
Well we made it!! It just started to snow when we were leaving the dealership. It's a good 1 1/2 hour drive so by the time we got home it was really starting to come down. But it did get much worse as the day progressed. Thankfully we made it back before it got really bad. I was a nervous wreck following behind Ken in the SUV but he says it's so heavy that the MH really hugs the road. But it doesn't do so well in alot of wind, cause it's so tall. I noticed that when a very big semi would go by, Ken had to fight to keep it straight. Now it's sitting in our driveway, covered in snow. Today, I hope to get out in it, turn on the heater and start loading 'er up. I guess I should tell you a bit about it for those of you who don't know. It's a Gulfstream Ultra 31 feet. Really very lovely inside, has a bedroom at the back. It's complete, totally self sufficient, air/furnace/fridge/stove/bathroom/shower etc.etc. We love it. Anyhow will post later in the week, will be busy getting things ready.

March 3rd..
Been really busy the last couple days, loading, loading, and loading. Have all the households things reloaded. Now getting our duds in there. You learn as you go, and I’ve changed things around a bit to make things more convenient or to make better use of the space.Bed is all made up WITH the electric blanket on it. Should be warm and cozy. Actually it is quite warm in there and I don’t even have the furnace turned on. Just plugged in a little ceramic heater and have it on low.Will finish up the rest of the packing over the next couple days. I always have to nag at Ken to get him to set out his clothes!!My sister leaves tomorrow morning for the drive down. They are in a car though not a MH so will be staying at a hotel for 1 night on the way down.More later………..

March 6th..
Well here we are in Washington PA. It was a good drive, a little long, getting through Toronto rush hour traffic was no fun. Took us 8 hours to go 400 miles, but you can’t rush these big beasts. It was a good drive, nice and sunny. Something flew off a truck or a truck ran over something and it apparently hit the side of the MH and mucked up the fiberglass exterior. More $$$$$. Could have been worse, could have hit the windshield.We are settled in here at the KOA, park is empty, gee I wonder why. Had a bit of a frustrating moment. We just got the MH out of being winterized, as this was the first year we have it, we are noobs. The person at the service department told me to turn the bypass lever to here to turn it on. So I did, no hot water. We fiddled with this, even got the KOA owner to come and have a look at it, then got a brain wave to flip the switch the other way, and voila, hot water. Wasn’t impressed, I can tell you. By this time I had boiled 2 kettles of water to wash the supper dishes. And if being steaming mad could have produced water I would have had lots!!!!
Jackson, our golden, wasn’t the happiest camper on the block, but Maggie, our lab, was a real angel. We’re hoping the Jackie gets better. Please, please. We’re heading for Wytheville, Virginia tomorrow. It’s a shorter trip than today. Till then……………….

March 7th..
Well tonight we’re in Wytheville, Virginia. Temperature is 46 F. Sorry still under the old school. Overcast, dreary.
Drive today was not nice. It was pouring, and foggy. That is really not nice when you’re driving through the mountains. My nerves were a little frayed!!! This sucker can really pick up speed going down those mountains!
Jackson was much better today, still not totally relaxed, but certainly much better.
This is a nice campground, but we’re not really interested in that tonight. Just as long as it has water, electricity, sewers, and cable TV. And it does have all of it.
Tonight I made corn chowder and toasted bacon sandwiches for supper.
Tomorrow we hope to make MB by 4 PM cause if we don’t the car rental place will be closed and it doesn’t open till Monday. We only have 325 miles left to do.
We had an incident today. Ken was pulling into a gas station and he’s still not sure how it happened but he hit those metal protective thingy’s at the end of the stations. He was sure he had swung wide enough to miss it, but he didn’t. Caused quite a lot of damage to the side of the MH. Cosmetic, but nonetheless, damage, and probably costly, cause it’s fiberglass. Hopefully insurance will cover most of it. That with whatever hit us the first day out on the other side, and it’s not been good. I was afraid that maybe the damage he did today damaged the slide out, but we got it out tonight, let’s see tomorrow when we try and put it back in!
Destination tomorrow……Myrtle Beach.

March 8th..
WE MADE IT!!! YIPEE!!! What a day, it was terrible. It was so very, very windy, Ken had a real fight on his hands to keep the MH on the road. Really, he was white knuckled. A few times I was a little nervous, cause it caused him to swerve into the other lane. It sure rocked that big puppy of ours. But we’re here, bought groceries, beer, wine, we’re set.
Tomorrow, we’re going walking on the beach with the dogs, with some friends of ours who flew down here this morning. It will be cool, but hey, it’s not Toronto!!
I was talking to my grandson and he told me they got 16 inches of snow today in Toronto. Hope it’s gone by the time we get back.
Had lasagna tonight for supper, it was delish!!!! Used my over in the MH for the very first time and it worked like a charm. This is a very nice RV park. They have a playland for dogs! Jackie will like that.It’s 8pm and we just finished supper, lasagna, it was very good. Having a glass of wine and unwinding from the past 3 days on the road, driving through the mountains in rain and fog really sucks.
Till tomorrow then….night.

March 9th..
What a great start to the day. We met up with our friends and went for a 2-½ hour walk on the beach. It was chilly when we started but after trudging through the sand for a while we sure warmed up fast. Dogs loved it, Maggie was smiling, I know, and Jackson was bee bopping along like crazy. Maggie was so happy and I think I saw surprise on her face, when she saw her Aunty Susan walking along the beach. Now they are down for the count.
Ken is outside attempting to put up the sunroom on the MH. That way the dogs can come and out at their own will. I mean that is the reason we got it.
It’s so nice to get up and know you don’t have to pack up and get on the road.
Just have the Platters playing on the DVD.
Today is very nice, sunny not too warm, still have the furnace running, but sure beats up north. Weather network says it’s 46 F. Supposed to be 61 F tomorrow.
My sister and husband dropped by had a couple drinks then went out for supper.
Won’t be late tonight, that 2 ½ hour walk pooped me right out.

March 10th..
Today was beautiful, almost got to 60 F. We went for 1 ½ hour walk on the beach. It was really warm. There were a lot of people taking advantage of the lovely weather and were walking, jogging, or just meandering on the beach today.
Went to a big store down here called Camping World. If you have a MH, you have to go there. Had to control myself and only buy what I went there for.
When we came back here, we went for a bike ride through the RV park. It really is a huge place. There’s a place at the back where people have their own private MH, but these stay here all the time. Like the trailer parks in Florida. Most are nice, some are kind of tacky!
Friends or ours are coming over here in awhile for a drink.
The dogs sure are getting a lot of exercise here. They seem to really love the walks on the beach. Just about everyone stops to pet them, and they sure seem to love the attention. They’ve become quite the slugs while here cause they’re so tired all the time. This is a good thing!

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

I had to change my blog provider. I found that the other one was so terribly slow. Don't know if you noticed it or not. Then people were leaving me comments and I wasn't getting them. Also I uploaded a few pictures and they never showed up on my blog. So here I am in this new one.
Here are the pictures I tried to post at the other site.

Here is the sunroom all setup. Dogs just love it.

Ken and Jackson on the beach.

This is how Maggie spends her nights.
We decided to be slugs today. Mind you we did go for an hour walk on the beach this morning. But the dogs were not very interested in it and seemed like it was a struggle, so we're going to skip a couple days. I can relate, I found the going tough too!
We just sat around all day, BBQ'ed some bratwurst for supper. And I don't think I'll have a late night. I'm pooped.