Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Tuesday 18th

Weather sure hasn't been the greatest this time down here. Last year we had 2 weeks of beautiful weather, but this time I think we might have have 3 days of sun so far. Kind of disappointing. Mind you it has been warmer than home.
Went for a walk on the beach this morning with the dogs. They always seem to be a hit with the people on the beach, especially Jackson. Everyone thinks he's so cute and they want to stop and pat him. It was a little chilly down there, windy.
This afternoon, we played 3 rounds of mini putt with my sister and her husband. That's 54 holes of mini putt. Then we went out for supper afterwards. An enjoyable day.
Tomorrow I am planning on doing a couple loads of laundry so I don't have so much dirty laundry to take home.
I think we are planning on leaving a day early. Leaving Friday instead of Saturday.

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