Saturday, 22 March 2008


Was not able to get an Internet connection last night. Try as I might, it would just not connect.
We are here in Washington PA. We were greeted about an hour outside of our destination, by snow!! Yes, that's right snow!! Right now it is about 40 degrees F. I imagine it will go down quite abit tonight, as it is 6:30 PM right now.
Tomorrow is our last lap on the way home. As nice as it is in the MH, it will be nice to sleep in my own bed, have a nice long not shower and be able to actually move about in a kitchen. Showers here are very limited as it's only a 6 gallon hot water tank. So you wet your hair, turn off the shower, apply shampoo, lather, turn on the shower, rinse. Do the same for the rest of your body. It does the job, but there is no lingering!!! I'm sure the dogs will appreciate having some more leg room too. But they have been really good, can't complain about them at all.
So if I have the strength tomorrow after unloading this beast, I will update for one final time....

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