Thursday, 20 March 2008


Tomorrow morning is the first leg in a 3 leg trip home. Just going in reverse, tomorrow should be Whytheville, Virginia.
Have secured everything inside that I can which I'm not using at the moment. Ken has removed the sun room, rolled up the awing, put the bikes back on the rack on the hitch, put the lawnchairs, mats etc, all back in the 'basement'. Got up on the roof and swept it off as it accumulated lots of debris as we are parked under alot of trees, to say nothing of all that cypress crud. We could hear pine cones dropping all the time.
He's just left to return the car rental and the rest of the day, hopefully will be relaxing.
Wouldn't you know it, Jackie found something out on one of his walks that he shouldn't have and whatever the heck it was has upset his tummy and he has been flying to the bathroom all day. He does have a very sensitive tummy so I have medicine for him, let's hope it works, or we won't make much progress tomorrow on the trip home!! Stopping every 1/2 hour or so. Gee what a time to get an upset...

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