Thursday, 13 March 2008

Laundry Day

We went for a hour or so walk on the beach this morning. It was very low tide so we were able to walk where the sand is nice and compacted so it wasn't such a battle walking.

Then came back and I did a couple loads of laundry. Boy people such are friendly in RV parks. As soon as anyone moves into their spot someone is over there asking them where they're from and how are things, etc.etc. Same in the laundry room, everyone chatting like we've know each other for ages. It's nice when you're out walking everyone says Good morning, or afternoon. That's pleasant. People stop and say, 'What beautiful dogs'. Course these guys just love the attention.

We went out for supper tonight as it's the 13th. An Italian restaurant. It was OK, probably a 6 out of 10. Ken had the veal parmigian and I had the lobster tails.

It was an absolutely beautiful day here, sunny and in the high 60's. Just a wonderful day.

Our friends are flying back to Toronto tomorrow. But my sister and her husband are still here.

Till tomorow then...

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