Saturday, 15 March 2008


Ok here we go...
Today, we went to the big flea market they have here. It's really great, they have everything. I wish that I could have shopped here when we first got our MH. There were so many things that I needed to put in here and this flea market has everything. I did buy a couple things for the MH. If you're ever in Myrtle Beach be sure to check out Hudson's Flea Market in Surfside.
Met up with my sister and we browsed. Great fun.
Then we went and played 36 holes of mini putt. That is just too much fun. They have a mini putt just about on every corner here.
Bob and Marlene came back to the MH while we fed the dogs and Ken took them for a walk to stretch their legs and have a pee and pooh. While poor Ken was out doing that we sat in the MH and had a drink... LOL.
Then we went out for supper at a place called Chesepeake. It was pretty good.
Bad weather was predicted and as usual when bad weather is predicted, it comes. Not good weather, just bad. Actually tornados just north of us. Wonderful!!! It started to rain, like there was no tomorrow when we were at the restaurant, and was very windy. I was very concerned because we have the awning down with the sunroom. Had visions of the MH being blown away with my babies inside. But when we got back it was just raining hard. We put down the inside covers on the sunroom and so far so good. It's the wind that concerns me but we are in a heavily wooded area and it seems to block out the wind, hopefully. But it sure is raining hard.
It's cozy in here with the sound of the rain on the roof and the awning. As long as it's only rain, and not the wind, I'm okay with that.
Tomorrow's forecast doesn't say anything about rain so hopefully it will be an OKAY kind of day.
Ken is going to get awful wet taking these guys out for their final 'wiz' before bed.
Till tomorrow..good night.

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