Monday, 24 March 2008

There's No Place Like Home

Well we made it. Didn't get a chance to update last night as we had way too much stuff to do, and then we crashed!
Saturday didn't start out very well at all. The temperature had dropped significantly during the night and the water in the RV park taps had frozen. Stupid us, had turned off the water but left our hose hooked up, that was dumb. Any way, after pouring some boiling water on the faucet we managed to unhook ourselves. With no water there was no showers, etc. So we ventured down to the KOA facilities to use their bathroom to wash faces, brush teeth and whatever needed to be done. We packed up with much haste and left.
The day turned out to be a beautiful day though, very sunny, and it actually got warmer as we headed north.
Got home here about 3:30 PM, proceeded to unpack the MH and get organized. Normally we take a few days to unpack but we wanted to get the MH back up to the dealer, one, with this cold weather it needs to be winterized again, and two, for them to give us an estimate on the damage so we can get it fixed.
So after we get our act together this morning, it is very hard, we have totally run out of steam, we will get back on the road and drive it back up to the dealer.
But the main thing is that we got home here safe and sound (thanks Mom) and all was well back here. Oh, the dogs were joyous at being home also.

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