Monday, 17 March 2008

Didn't write an entry yesterday, and there wasn't anything to say. We didn't do squat yesterday.
Not much better today.
It was a really chilly day. This is the first morning that we had to run the furnace until after 10AM. It was downright cold. Don't think it even got into the 60's here today. That's about 14 C for you metric guys.
We did go for a bike ride around the park and then headed down the road to a Hardee's and had a burger and fries for lunch. When you were sitting in the sun it was quite nice, but once out of the sun, brrrrrrrr, it was nippy.
Ken sat outside for awhile with the dogs hooked up on their long tie ups, but even he gave up and came in cause it was cold.
They're saying in the mid 60's tomorrow and into the 70's by Wednesday. Boy I hope so.

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