Tuesday, 11 March 2008

I had to change my blog provider. I found that the other one was so terribly slow. Don't know if you noticed it or not. Then people were leaving me comments and I wasn't getting them. Also I uploaded a few pictures and they never showed up on my blog. So here I am in this new one.
Here are the pictures I tried to post at the other site.

Here is the sunroom all setup. Dogs just love it.

Ken and Jackson on the beach.

This is how Maggie spends her nights.
We decided to be slugs today. Mind you we did go for an hour walk on the beach this morning. But the dogs were not very interested in it and seemed like it was a struggle, so we're going to skip a couple days. I can relate, I found the going tough too!
We just sat around all day, BBQ'ed some bratwurst for supper. And I don't think I'll have a late night. I'm pooped.

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