Sunday, 25 September 2011

Closed..for the winter

It’s always so depressing when we close the pool.  I love to look out and see the crystal blue water and hear the gurgling noise of the skimmer running.  But unfortunately, close it we must.  Jackson shares my sentiments on that one too.  He just loves his swimming.  Over the past couple days, we have also cleaned out the planters and garden.  So sad not to have the bright coloured flowers everywhere.  All my little garden creatures have retired for the winter too and stored in the shed.  But I console myself by thinking that we only have about 8 more weeks, then we head south.
Closed Pool
Pool Closed up
Lonely Garden
Empty Garden

Flowers Gone
All my flowers in the compost
Sad Frog Sandbox
Sad Frog Sandbox-no one to play with
The rig was washed, tidied up and winterized a couple weeks ago and we drove it over to the storage lot.  This week sometime they are going to install our stone protector flap on the back end.  Once they put it back in the lot we will head over to put the A/C covers on and cover the tires.  They also always seem to forget to turn off the master power switches so we have to do that so our batteries don’t drain.  We do have a trickle solar charger on the roof which we find does a good job.
As we won’t be here for Christmas this year, I have to go through some of my Christmas decorations and take a few things with me to decorate our rig at Christmas.  Not a lot, because as you know there really isn’t a lot of space and/or places to put things.  Some lights, a wreath for the door.  I’m thinking I want to cook a small turkey or chicken for Christmas dinner.  Except for 1 year, I have been doing that for about 40 years.  Not to cook one would seem very strange.  I wish I could talk my oldest daughter into coming down over the holidays, but that will never happen.  She’s a stay at home kind of gal.
A couple weeks ago my 2 sisters and myself got together at my one sister’s home near Kingston.  We even took my other sister’s cat with us as he is diabetic and needs his shots.  He was such a good boy, in the car and at my sister’s home.  Not a speck of trouble.  We had a really nice visit.  Now she is coming down here day after tomorrow for a few days visit and my sister with the diabetic cat is coming down for the day on Wednesday and bringing Nikki, her cat.  He is almost as well travelled as our Arthur. 
Here are my 2 sisters…
My sisters
While we’re all together we will pop over to visit my Dad who lives in an retirement villa, he is 96 and going strong.  On his 3rd marriage, devil!! I’m sure he’ll make 100.
Well that’s just a quickie update…for now. 
Until later..take care.