Friday, 25 January 2013

Drove the beast!!!

We have a few campgrounds that we want to check out while we’re in this area.  One was over in Williston called Williston Crossing.  It’s a very nice campground but very ‘woodsy’.  Most of the sites we liked were heavily shaded.  That might be ok in the heat of the Florida sun but not for this time of year.  So it’s a pass.  We have a couple more to check out.

We really haven’t been doing much of anything.  Riding our bikes, relaxing, that’s about it.

I drove the truck today.  It’s something that I know I should do but just haven’t gotten up the nerve to drive that huge thing.  But today I drove it to Walmart and back.  We went over there to get our hair cut.  Actually it wasn’t so bad.  My bug is the duallys on the back.  They really make it significantly wider back there.  But it wasn’t so bad.  Sometimes I just want to go to the store and browse all by myself, so now I can.  Here’s the beast…


Truck (2)

We finally had to get Jackson shaved down.  The heat was just too much for him.  I think he does feel alot better but of course wouldn’t you know it that as soon as he was done the temperature got cooler.  Typical, but it’s going up again,

Well that’s it for now, so until later…take care.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

I promised….

I did promise some pics so here are a couple. 

The header picture is the bonfire we were at the other night.  It was fun, we chatted and sang silly songs.  There was probably 16 or so of us.

It’s been lovely and warm, in the low 80’s during the day but it does cool down to lovely sleeping weather at night.  I leave a couple windows open and it’s great.  Mid 60’s in here when we get up. 

Tonight we’re off to Olive Garden for dinner.

Nothing much else…so here’s some pics. Oh and by the way, the RV dealer back home did take the blame for the install on the dryer vent.  Much too long he said.  So he offered me my money back on the repair.  I said that I’d take a credit at their facility as we are always buying things there or getting things done.  So that was good, I was pleased that they owned up to their mistake.  This was how much extra they installed that didn’t need to be.  It’s about 3 feet.

Repair2013 (4)

Until later take care.




Friday, 11 January 2013

Just Taking it Easy

Haven’t done a whole lot since the last blog, except increase the coffers of Amazon.  I was disappointed to realize that Camping World is over 50 miles away.  I am NOT going to drive that far just to browse the wonderful aisles of Camping World.  So I had a list of necessities and went onto Amazon and ordered up a storm.  Just about all of the orders have arrived, just a couple more to go.

We have rode our bikes around the park a few times and there is a nature trail that we have rode.  Watch out for those truck roots though!!  Would love to take Jackie for a walk in those woods, but I do have a real fear of ticks, which we did run into one other time.  So it’s the dog park for him and walks around the park.

We’ve had some really warm weather, not complaining at all.  We’ve decided that as Jack just doesn’t do heat very well we have going to have him shaved down.  He has an appointment for Tuesday.  That should cool him off. 

We ordered a truck bed cover today.  We wanted one and I checked into it back home but it just wasn’t happening.  So we found a place here at an excellent price.  Should be in next week.  The truck bed gets so dirty when it just sits, full of leaves and such.  And we were told that driving the truck without the cover while we’re parked here uses up more gas.  No it wasn’t the dealer who told us that but other truck owners.  We are new at this truck thing.

Theres a full length window by the diningroom which Arthur really likes to perch and watch the world go by so I got him another catbed and he just loves laying there and checking out things.

I made pork schnitzel, carrots and sweet potatoes, and baked potatoes for supper.  It was yummy.

This is one of the dog parks.

So until later…take care.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Week Ago

A week ago today we were in about 3 inches of snow in Monroe, Michigan.  And it was cold!!  Now today the sun is (was) shining and it’s warm.  This is much better!!!!!

I had to have a repair person in to look at my new washer/dryer combo that I had our RV dealer at home install in October sometime.  It washed fine but the dryer kept shutting off and giving me error codes.  When I contacted Splendide about the error codes they meant that is wasn’t venting.  Great, just great.

Contacted our RV deal back home and they were prepared to pay the bill if it was due to a faulty installation.  When the serviceman here looked at the hind end of the machine, the dryer vent hose about about a gallon of water in it.  This was caused by condensation which in turn was caused by the vent hose being too long and having too many elbows in it.  He shorten the hose by about 3 feet and the dryer worked fine.  Now we’ll just see if our guy back home picks up the bill.  It was only $85 but I don’t feel we should have to pay it as it was their fault the hose was too long.  Now I must catch up on my laundry.

The nights here have been cool, but that’s just fine.  The furnace has come on a few times during the night.

We need a TV for the back bedroom so I think we are going to hit Best Buy later this afternoon and pick one up.  With the bracket for the wall which means that Ken has to install it.


I got these and put on the outside of our diningroom window.  I had to include our Maggie who is now an angel.

Still haven’t got out and about.  We’ve had so many little things to do around here.  I keep switching things around as I find a better arrangement.  This is all due to the fact that this is a new rig and what I think is a good arrangement of things turns out not to be, for me anyhow. 

So until later and I promise pictures…take care.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Pedal to the Metal!!!

After Cartersville GA, we had one more overnight stop.  It was to be Cecil, GA.  But we were fed up with packing up and such so we decided to boogie and get here on New Year’s Eve.  Besides the park was closed on New Year’s Day and they would have to leave all our info in the night box.  We really didn’t want to do that as as mentioned we’d had enough.  Our main concern was the furkids, 8 hours driving is a long time for them.  Jackson not so much as we can stop and let him out to stretch his legs and go potty, but poor Arthur is in his crate.  We did stop at a truck stop and I took him into the rig and his litter box but he wasn’t interested so I told him ok guy, cross your legs and hold it cause we’re heading out.

We had left Cartersville at 815AM and pulled in here around 4PM. 

Spent awhile setting up then went to bed at just after 10PM.  Another busy day today.  New Year’s what New Years’????  Ken washed the truck and rig as it was disgusting and had lots of salt on them.  I got things organized in here.  Had to make a quick drive to Verizon to get a new SIM card for my mifi.  One day without internet was enough!!!

Tomorrow we still have a couple things to do.  After that hopefully I can get out and about and get some pics.

There’s a good dog park here and there have made a little ‘pond’ in the middle, it’s reasonably clean so you know, of course, the first place Jackson head for.  It’s good that it’s there as he really doesn’t do heat well so he can cool off.

Well until later…take care.