Sunday, 13 January 2013

I promised….

I did promise some pics so here are a couple. 

The header picture is the bonfire we were at the other night.  It was fun, we chatted and sang silly songs.  There was probably 16 or so of us.

It’s been lovely and warm, in the low 80’s during the day but it does cool down to lovely sleeping weather at night.  I leave a couple windows open and it’s great.  Mid 60’s in here when we get up. 

Tonight we’re off to Olive Garden for dinner.

Nothing much else…so here’s some pics. Oh and by the way, the RV dealer back home did take the blame for the install on the dryer vent.  Much too long he said.  So he offered me my money back on the repair.  I said that I’d take a credit at their facility as we are always buying things there or getting things done.  So that was good, I was pleased that they owned up to their mistake.  This was how much extra they installed that didn’t need to be.  It’s about 3 feet.

Repair2013 (4)

Until later take care.





  1. The bonfire sounds like so much fun! I am so glad to hear you are enjoying such nice weather. The rig looks awesome all set up and the campground looks nice too. Very nice way to handle the claime from the dealership.....

  2. nice bonfire and what a great way to meet fellow campers!
    enjoy your dinner at the Olive Garden!

  3. looks like a beautiful place...gotta love bonfires...none on the lots here but a big one for everyone in a designated area...

  4. Great bonfire. Glad you were able to get a credit for the faulty repair job.