Saturday, 5 January 2013

Week Ago

A week ago today we were in about 3 inches of snow in Monroe, Michigan.  And it was cold!!  Now today the sun is (was) shining and it’s warm.  This is much better!!!!!

I had to have a repair person in to look at my new washer/dryer combo that I had our RV dealer at home install in October sometime.  It washed fine but the dryer kept shutting off and giving me error codes.  When I contacted Splendide about the error codes they meant that is wasn’t venting.  Great, just great.

Contacted our RV deal back home and they were prepared to pay the bill if it was due to a faulty installation.  When the serviceman here looked at the hind end of the machine, the dryer vent hose about about a gallon of water in it.  This was caused by condensation which in turn was caused by the vent hose being too long and having too many elbows in it.  He shorten the hose by about 3 feet and the dryer worked fine.  Now we’ll just see if our guy back home picks up the bill.  It was only $85 but I don’t feel we should have to pay it as it was their fault the hose was too long.  Now I must catch up on my laundry.

The nights here have been cool, but that’s just fine.  The furnace has come on a few times during the night.

We need a TV for the back bedroom so I think we are going to hit Best Buy later this afternoon and pick one up.  With the bracket for the wall which means that Ken has to install it.


I got these and put on the outside of our diningroom window.  I had to include our Maggie who is now an angel.

Still haven’t got out and about.  We’ve had so many little things to do around here.  I keep switching things around as I find a better arrangement.  This is all due to the fact that this is a new rig and what I think is a good arrangement of things turns out not to be, for me anyhow. 

So until later and I promise pictures…take care.


  1. We have been our Tiffin for just over two months now and I am still moving things. It will all fit together - one of these days.

  2. I'm the same way. We've been living in 330 square feet for over a year now and are still changing things around.

    I'm glad You got your dryer fixed. Joe had to fix ours too. He noticed the hose was pinched between the water supply pipe and the machine so he had to re-route it. Also, sometimes the door lock mechanism doesn't work unless I give it a good slam! Always something!

    I love the peeps on your window!

    Enjoy the warm weather. We finally have a sunny day!

  3. Hope you get your $85 back! It's only right.

  4. Sheesh! The dryer hose is now three feet shorter? That was clearly a shoddy install. Your dealer needs to pick up the tab. Trust all is fine now....and you clothes are drying.

  5. Where are you camped?? I love your decals as well. I saw one in the back window of an SUV a while back that said "I don't care about your silly stick figure family". I like yours much better. Where did you get it?

    1. We are in Silver Springs. I got those at A little pricey but if you want custom ones, it's the place to go.