Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Pedal to the Metal!!!

After Cartersville GA, we had one more overnight stop.  It was to be Cecil, GA.  But we were fed up with packing up and such so we decided to boogie and get here on New Year’s Eve.  Besides the park was closed on New Year’s Day and they would have to leave all our info in the night box.  We really didn’t want to do that as as mentioned we’d had enough.  Our main concern was the furkids, 8 hours driving is a long time for them.  Jackson not so much as we can stop and let him out to stretch his legs and go potty, but poor Arthur is in his crate.  We did stop at a truck stop and I took him into the rig and his litter box but he wasn’t interested so I told him ok guy, cross your legs and hold it cause we’re heading out.

We had left Cartersville at 815AM and pulled in here around 4PM. 

Spent awhile setting up then went to bed at just after 10PM.  Another busy day today.  New Year’s what New Years’????  Ken washed the truck and rig as it was disgusting and had lots of salt on them.  I got things organized in here.  Had to make a quick drive to Verizon to get a new SIM card for my mifi.  One day without internet was enough!!!

Tomorrow we still have a couple things to do.  After that hopefully I can get out and about and get some pics.

There’s a good dog park here and there have made a little ‘pond’ in the middle, it’s reasonably clean so you know, of course, the first place Jackson head for.  It’s good that it’s there as he really doesn’t do heat well so he can cool off.

Well until later…take care.


  1. Yeah! I am so glad you arrived safely. Can't wait to hear all about it. A doggie park with a pond....Dover would love that! Hope the weather is nice!

  2. Tucker would love the doggy park with a pond!..oh heck any water even a puddle will do some days!

  3. Ah yes, a clean rig following a long journey is always a relief. Getting the road salt off is of critical importance for me too.

    You seem to be well poised to relax for a while now....so that's great.

  4. wow our tucker would love a doggie park with a pond...always nice to have a clean rig..Rick is forever shining and polishing up around here..enjoy your time and all the best in 2013