Friday, 11 January 2013

Just Taking it Easy

Haven’t done a whole lot since the last blog, except increase the coffers of Amazon.  I was disappointed to realize that Camping World is over 50 miles away.  I am NOT going to drive that far just to browse the wonderful aisles of Camping World.  So I had a list of necessities and went onto Amazon and ordered up a storm.  Just about all of the orders have arrived, just a couple more to go.

We have rode our bikes around the park a few times and there is a nature trail that we have rode.  Watch out for those truck roots though!!  Would love to take Jackie for a walk in those woods, but I do have a real fear of ticks, which we did run into one other time.  So it’s the dog park for him and walks around the park.

We’ve had some really warm weather, not complaining at all.  We’ve decided that as Jack just doesn’t do heat very well we have going to have him shaved down.  He has an appointment for Tuesday.  That should cool him off. 

We ordered a truck bed cover today.  We wanted one and I checked into it back home but it just wasn’t happening.  So we found a place here at an excellent price.  Should be in next week.  The truck bed gets so dirty when it just sits, full of leaves and such.  And we were told that driving the truck without the cover while we’re parked here uses up more gas.  No it wasn’t the dealer who told us that but other truck owners.  We are new at this truck thing.

Theres a full length window by the diningroom which Arthur really likes to perch and watch the world go by so I got him another catbed and he just loves laying there and checking out things.

I made pork schnitzel, carrots and sweet potatoes, and baked potatoes for supper.  It was yummy.

This is one of the dog parks.

So until later…take care.


  1. Oh my...we are so wishing we were there with you...the schnitzel looks yummy and your weather is alot nicer! We are freezing here in Tucson...high tomorrow is 47F/low is 27F The dog park here is awesome...looks like Jackson has a great place too.
    Have a great week-end!

  2. love love me at : and I'll send you the recipe for lazy mans cabbage rolls...I can't find an email here on your blog for you...

  3. Great looking schnitzel dinner. That is a nice, big dog park too, the dogs must just love being able to run free.

  4. We are so needing that fire! We are FREEZING here in Tucson.....