Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Meeting Fellow Bloggers

It’s really great to put faces and personalities to people whose blogs you follow.  I had put a comment on a blog I follow when one of their blogs said they had made it to the Rio Grande.  And of course, that is where we are.  I left a comment on Dee and Michaels blog Gone RVing! to the fact that we were very close.  They contacted me and said they were coming over to meet another fellow blogger who is staying at the same park we are.  I didn’t even know that.  They are Anne and Archie and I also follow their blog The Accidental RVers,  So we all got together the other day at Anne and Archie’s rig, which is just kitty corner to us.  I had met Archie at bingo one night but didn’t have a clue he was one of my bloggers.  Small world.  Unfortunately, they are heading out in a few days for more exploring.  We really hope to hook up them somewhere out there in RV land and Dee and Michael will be around for a little while so we will, for sure, get together again.  And their summer campground is only about 30 miles from us back home in Canada.  So we will definitely get together then.  All 4 of them are fulltimers.

We had an absolutely lovely afternoon, chatting, discussing other blogs we all follow.  I took my camera but didn’t use it.  Was so busy chatting,chatting,chatting.  But Dee took a picture and I’m sure she won’t mind if I attach it here.


That’s, from left to right, Anne, myself, Michael, Archie and Ken.  And of course our Jackson, and Dee and Michaels little guy, Timmie. 

It has been raining non-stop, literally, non-stop for 2 days now and the weather says this will continue until tomorrow.  We are all getting cabin fever and we have our life jackets ready in case we need to abandon ship!!  Some of the roads are flooded and you have to drive carefully through them especially if there are people nearby.  People still have to get out and walk their dogs and I guess just get out of their rigs for a bit.  Jackson is totally fed up, because he likes to sit outside the rig and just watch the world go by.  He does have a window that goes down to the floor that he can see out of, but it’s just not the same.

Well hopefully we haven’t all floated away and I can write another blog in a few days.  Take care…

Friday, 27 December 2013

Christmas Dinner

In one word..AWESOME!!  There was 22 of us, everyone brought a dish, some brought more than 1.  The food was outstanding.  I hear so much about the Green Bean Casserole that seems to be a regular dish at all of our US friends Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.  Well I finally got to taste it and it was delicious.  There was all the stuff I love, whipped potatoes, stuffing, sweet potato casserole, turkey, ham, beets.  Now I know beets are something that some people would probably pooh pooh at, but I absolutely love them and don’t get to eat very often.  Ken is not a vegetable guy and beets, well, you can just imagine.  These were wonderful.  I ate far, far too much but oh it was so good.
Christmas Dinner Bentsen 2013 (7)

Today it has been raining all day long.  But seeing as it’s the very first time it has rain in the month we’ve been here, that’s ok.  I do love the sound of rain on the roof of the rig.  So soothing and relaxing.  I was going to BBQ steaks tonight but of course Mr. Weber is sitting outside where it’s pouring but I do have a grill so I had to dig it out and literally dust it off and that’s what I’m going to use to grill the steaks. 

Jackson is a goofy guy.  Quite the comic and like several goldens, he ‘smiles’.  I sometimes have to tell people that he’s not baring his teeth, he is really smiling.  I finally got a picture of him in goofy action and actually smiling.

I don’t know if you heard about the terrible ice storm that went through Ontario.  It was very, very bad.  It started last Friday, the 20th, and there are some people that still don’t have power.  My nephew being one of them.  Fortunately his father-in-law had a generator which he brought over for them.  The storm covered a huge area and thousands of people were without power, my son was without power for almost 2 days, and fortunately again, he has a generator.  My daughter and our house (we live only a couple miles apart) was only out for about 6 hours.  We were sooooooo lucky.  My next door neighbour took a couple pictures of our house.  I think our birch tree is toast.

Well it’s another rainy day here, (I started the blog yesterday).  Dull and gloomy day. 

Until later..take care.

Friday, 20 December 2013

This n’ That

That’s about what we’ve been doing too.  This place has lots of activities going on.  We don’t do all of them, it’s just not us, but we do some.  And we’ve had alot of fun doing them. 

On Wednesday night, they have Margarita nights,  for $1.00.  People bring appetizers to share and they have a 50/50 draw.  Last week we won the draw and it was $63.  Thought that was pretty cool.  Then on Saturday night they have bingo.  I’m not a huge bingo fan but this is different.  You play in groups of 4, and you deal out a deck of cards between you.  You need 3 nickels, 3 dimes, 3 quarters and a $1 bill.  First 3 rounds you each put 1 nickel in the cup.  Next the dimes and so on.  When you get down to your last card you stand up.  When bingo is called the money is collected from all the cups and goes to the winners.  I won one shared by another person for the nickels and I won one round all my myself of a round of 10 cents.  There was about 40-50 people there.  It is actually quite good fun.  We’ll be back.

Today there was a very brisk wind, with gusts up to 40 MPH.  I guess because it’s so flat when it’s windy like that it picks up all the dust and there’s a haze in the air of dust.  We had gone out to run some errands and left the windows open because the temperature was lovely.  Big mistake, everything covered with a layer of dirt when we got home.  Out came the Swiffers and the windows got closed and the air came on.  What a mess!!

The park is still relatively empty.  I’d say maybe 1/2 full.  But I expect over the next week more and more people to arrive.

We had a little visitor this morning under the rig.  What an interesting little guy he was.
Stick Bug (3)  

And I thought this was such a great shot of our boy..had to include it.

Until later..take care and for those of you on the roads..be safe.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Here and settled

We arrived here on Sunday around 3 PM.  I got us all checked in and we were escorted to our site.  We got ourselves level because once in that would be it.  We had to put some small levels under one side of the rig.  Last year we neglected to do that and we found that our heads in the bed were lower than we liked.  So I had to buy a couple pillows and put them UNDER the mattress head.  I swore that was never going to happen again.  Besides it is imperative that the fridge is level as you fellow RVers know.
Side view, Ken still washing roof …

We have been very busy since arriving, getting settled, putting stuff away for 4 months.  Doing a weeks worth of laundry.  Yesterday, Ken washed the truck and today we both washed the rig together.  After hitting that snow squall just before we left Ontario, both vehicles were a mess of dirt, sand and salt.  Now they’re both beautiful.  We just got back from a shopping trip to Walmart. 
Ken washing roof…

We met some people and were invited to their fire pit last night.  It was a beautiful night to sit out for awhile.  Tonight we’re going over to some other peoples for happy hour.  Appears we’ll be kept busy.  They have alot of activities here, unlike where we stayed last year.

Jackson has met lots of new friends.  It’s funny the older he gets the less he’s interested in other dogs.  But he’s very interested in people, just loves them.  He does love our friends golden, Koby, though.

Tonight I think I`ll break in my new Weber.  Have some bratwurst. 

Until later..take care.  Drive safe if you`re on the roads.