Saturday, 29 December 2012

On our Way, but what’s with this snow???

We did manage to leave on Friday and got to Monroe, Michigan.  It was very cold and even though they have heated water taps, we opted not to fill our tank.  It snowed about 2 inches overnight and we had to clean off the toppers before we left.

The drive was good although messy.  With having the auxiliary tank in the back of the truck we wouldn’t have to stop at all, except maybe potty stops.  But we do have to stop for Jackie, he does need to stretch his legs and he needs potty breaks.  Arthur is just a little saint, not a peep out of him.  The minute we land he makes a beeline for his litter box.  Poor guy!!

We are in Mount Vernon, Kentucky and guess what???  That’s right, it’s snowing here too.  I did put water in the fresh water tank and as long as we run the furnace our water supply has heat.  Being without water is just nasty. 

Tonight is hot leftover Christmas turkey sandwiches with gravy.  I froze them and brought them with us.

Tomorrow’s destination is Cartersville, GA.

Until later…take care.


  1. Hope you get to the land of the sunshine soon!! safe travels to you all!

  2. You have earned some sun and heat. Keep on trucking south and that reward should be found soon.

    We're in northern Oregon, following our first drive south from the BC coast. Temperatures here are similar to home but we're six hours closer to sun and heat.

  3. Yeah!!!! So glad you are on your way. And double yeah!!! .....NO snow in Georgia! Be safe.

  4. It's gotta be warmer in Georgia, right? Let's hope so. I"m counting on some sunshine in Oregon today.

  5. I am sure better weather is just around the corner:) Happy New Year!