Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Farewells and Adieu’s

The RV park last night had a farewell coffee and cake gathering as many people are leaving today.  Sad, watching all these people that you’ve come to know over the past 2 months, driving by on their way to their next stop.  Of course that will be us 2 mornings from now too.  At the gathering last night most people here knew us by our dogs.  It’s ‘oh you’re the ones with those 2 big, beautiful, friendly dogs’.  Yes that’s us.  

Our dogs are major people dogs and everyone likes to stop and pat them and in a lot of cases, have little treats for them.  And they always know who has the treats for them.  There are a lot of workcampers in here.  They drive golf carts around, doing landscaping, picking up garbage etc.  All of them have a Ziploc bag onboard with dog biscuits, so needless to say when we pass one of them on the walks, they have to stop and get their treats.  Doesn’t take them long to get to know that either.  Jackson just about takes your arm off pulling you over to the carts.  He’s a big powerful guy.  He is so going to miss Cooper.  But they have re-booked for next year too as has Reggie’s folks.  It has been so good for Jackie to have these guys to play with and he has really lost some weight in all the running and fooling around he’s been doing.  I hope we meet up with another good dog buddy before we head home.  When we go to Myrtle Beach, dogs are allowed on the beaches there so we can take them down there for a good walk and run.  Wonder if he’ll still be scared of the waves crashing in?

Tomorrow we will be getting things organized for leaving in the morning.  We try and do as much the night before so there is less to do in the morning, just bring in the slides, put the jacks up and go.  Hopefully that is, always have my trepidations about the slides and jacks.

Yesterday we went for lunch at a burger place here called Five Guys.  Most excellent hamburger, it was delicious and real french fries with the skins still on.  Just how I like them.  Several people had raved about it so we decided to give it a try before we leave and it was worth it.  Yummy.
PICT0004 PICT0003

Wish the sun would come out today and get me out of this funk.  Makes me feel really sad to see all these people leaving.  But the majority of them come back every year so we will be seeing a lot of them next year.  We need a change of scenery anyhow so will be nice to be heading out and spend some time with Ken’s sister and husband.  And then when we head to Myrtle Beach, one of my sister’s and her husband is there.  After they leave we have some very good friends driving down from Moncton, New Brunswick to spend the month of April in Myrtle Beach so we will get to spend 2 weeks visiting them before we head north.  I’m hoping by then the good weather will have moved back into Ontario. 

And this is how a very lazy cat spends his days.  I’m looking down from the top of the recliner.

Until later…take care.


  1. nice kitty nap!!!..have a safe journey..hope the slides and jacks do what they are suppose to in the morning!!

  2. Sounds a bit like our park - everyone knows the names of Molly and Rylie but often don't know Paulette's or my name. The beach run for dogs sound really great!

    We have a 5 Guys burgers here in Palm Springs, I'll have to give it a try now.

  3. She is going to have a stiff neck when she wakes up!

  4. We LOVE Five Guys...especially the fries. I think I need one more visit before we move to the east coast of Florida. YUM!