Friday, 25 February 2011

Night Out & A Palm Tree

There is a restaurant here in Panama City Beach called Breakers.  We had eaten there when we first arrived here and quite enjoyed it.  They also for the past month have an impersonator there who impersonates Elvis, Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, Tom Jones just to name a few.  He is really quite good.  His name is Todd Allen Herendeen.  So for the price of dinner and a $10 admission charge we had an very inexpensive evening out.  Dinner was really good and very reasonable.  I thought the $10 admission charge to see the show was exceptionally cheap considering the quality of the show.  It was highly entertaining and even when he sings as himself he has an excellent voice. 

I have been really enjoying the new tile floor.  What a breeze to keep clean.  In hindsight, it was well worth the agro of all the kafuffle in getting it done.  Because of Maggie and her bad legs and her lack of traction, we still have to keep a few throw rugs down, but they are easy to shake out and if they get too soiled, I’ll just turf them and get new ones.

Just about ever since we started RVing, which was only about 4 years ago, I have been looking for those lighted palm trees.  I have seen several RVer’s who set them up on their site.  I realize that some people probably think they are tacky, and you may be correct, nevertheless, I love them.  Everywhere we have gone I have searched RV stores, outdoor patio stores to find one.  I did search online and found several, but living in Canada, having something shipped can end up costing you a small fortune.  If it’s shipped via Fed Ex or UPS then they automatically charge brokerage fees, custom duties and that can add up.  And most places use those companies to ship their products.  So since we were going to be here for 2 months, I thought maybe I could get it sent here.  So that’s what I did, ordered it from Amazon and had them ship it to me here at the RV park.  It arrived last week and I love it.

PICT0002 (2) 

We are heading out of here on the 3rd and going to Lakeland, Florida.  Ken’s sister and husband are there and we’ll spend a couple weeks there before moving on to our last stop, Myrtle Beach for the last month.

We rebooked here for next year.  We haven’t decided yet whether we’re going to come down earlier, before Christmas, or not.  So we booked January and February again.  If we decide to leave earlier we’ll just find somewhere else to go for awhile.  It’s really difficult to get in here, there are a lot of repeat customers.  So we knew if we waited any longer we wouldn’t be able to get the site we wanted so we wouldn’t be stuck in the shade again. 

Until later..take care.


  1. nice palm tree!..I don't think they are tacky!

  2. Like you, we too have a dog that has trouble with slippery tile floors & that has been a concern for us with the Motor Home floor as well should we switch from carpet to tile. We may or may not do something about our rig's floor this summer. We'll see.......

  3. Hi Ruth, I love the Palm Tree. Could you give me the web site where it was purchased?
    I also had a question about your tile flooring. We are in Panama City and would like to get a quote for new floors....would you recommend this company? And give us their name?
    Your floors look great but it's hard to tell in the photos....did they redo the slide area also?
    Thanks for the info...

    PS You can email me at Thanks again!