Sunday, 20 February 2011

Needs to be more professional

I’ve been holding off blogging so I could take some finished pictures of the floor.  But we are still not finished.  They arrived on Tuesday as promised and the fellow worked till around 4 PM.  Said he’s be back first thing the next morning.  So we got up and got organized expecting him around 9 AM.  He didn’t show until 1230PM, worked for a bit then went on lunch.  The next day he was here on time and worked for most of the day.  All that was left was the trim and he said that he and the owner (who was going to do most of the trim work himself) would be back on Friday to do it.  Received a phone call from the young man who said that the owner had been up on a ladder fixing someone’s RV awning and fell off.  I asked him if Tim was in the hospital and he said no they were ‘deciding’ on whether to take him in or not.  WHAT??? Now Tim is not a young lad so in my opinion you take him to the hospital regardless.  Anyhow, the young fellow, James asks if it’s ok if he comes on Saturday around 1PM to do the trim.  Of course, I say, yes fine.  Saturday..nothing, no phone call, no appearance.  I phone, goes to voice mail.  Needless to say I am getting somewhat annoyed with this whole process.  I phoned today and left a rather abrupt message on their phone.  Now I understand that Tim could be seriously hurt, but they are running a business and they must honour their agreements with their customers.  A phone call would have been nice.  This is not the way you do business.  The only saving grace in this is that we haven’t paid them a cent so far, so if they want their money they better get their butts over here and finish the job.

And speaking of them getting their butts over here….this is what I had to look at all day…Confused
RV Floor Renovation part 2 (2)

So I will include some photos of what’s done.  Must say though that what is done I am happy with.  It already has been great not having the old carpet down.

Excuse the mess, was in the middle of washing floors and ‘swiffering’.
PICT0002 PICT0001

We have been blessed with some beautiful weather here.  Warm, sunny, just great.  Even noticed a lot of people with their shorts on, people in the pool, and sunning themselves on the pool deck.  All the RV windows open, it’s been great.  We rode our bikes around and around and around the park.  It’s not a big park so that’s what you do, just drive around the roads several times.  But that is just fine.

Until later..take care.


  1. It is amazing that so many contractors can be so unreliable and always have some sort of story to explain it.

    We actually had one guy taken away by police while on the job for some crime somewhere else and it took days to get another person out to finish the job. Hope it goes okay soon!

  2. I agree with you that it is extremely annoying when folks don't keep their commitments and then don't let you know why. The job looks pretty good though!

  3. floor looks very nice!...I am sure you are hoping that they will show up to finish the job soon!!!

  4. one of things that grates on me the most is people saying one thing and not following through ... too much of it going on in this day and age

  5. Oh, I was correct, there was a full moon this week, LOL your floor looks great!