Saturday, 5 February 2011

A leaky A/C gets me a new floor

It seems that just about everyone is talking about the weather these days.  Whether it’s on the blogs, or forums, or e-mails.  It appears to be the topic of choice and that is because it seems to be somewhat abnormal in some areas.  I mean people are experiencing severe cold where it should be warm, snow where there should be none, wind, rain, you name it, it’s happening.  Willy and Al were having problems with their water lines due to the cold.  Fortunately, it doesn’t appear it was too serious.  Weird and wacky weather all over.

And on the topic of weather one of our roof top A/C units has had a persistent water leak.  It was just a drip here and there and it only seemed to happen if the rain was blowing and falling heavy and coming in at a angle.  Just a couple nights ago we had a typhoon here (just joking) but it really rained hard.  There was a lot of water dripping around the edges of one of the  A/C units and even the other one had some drips.  So much so that we had to set up something underneath it to soak up the drips.  So I’m thinking, ok this is going to be big bucks to fix.  Ken had gone up on the roof before to check to see if there was anything to see that would explain the problem but there wasn’t.  There is a mobile RV service here that comes highly recommended so I phoned them bright and early the next morning and explained the problem.  He came over right away and seemed to think that it was just a minor fix.  He removed the inside cover of the A/C units and there are 4 bolts the secure the unit to the roof and all of them were loose, on both of the units.  That might explain the squeaking noise when we travel too.  So he tightened them all down.  We had another typhoon last night and not a drop of water came in.  YAHOO.  And he only charged $50 to come out and do the job.  I thought that was excellent.

But….he also does renovations and we starting discussing having the carpet removed and tile put down, something we have wanted done since we got the rig.  With 2 big dogs, carpets are just not practical.  Every single time we get home from a trip I have to shampoo the carpet.  And they are so hard to keep clean when living in the rig.  He gave us a great price and we don’t have to move out of the rig to have it done.  It will be somewhat of an inconvenience for a few days, about 3, but it will be worth it in the long run to finally get rid of the carpet.  I think Ken was really relieved as it was his job this summer to replace the carpet.   So I will take some before and after shots and post them.  It will be such a treat to just have to quickly mop the floor instead of vacuuming and shampooing the carpet.  So much easier to keep clean.  I know that it will be a little colder under foot and a little more slippery for the dogs, but we have throw rugs that we put down now and will continue to do so.  We just pick them up and take outside for a good shake.  That is not a big deal.  The product he uses is the same product that I had researched, it’s called Allure and is only available at Home Depot.   

Well until later..take care.


  1. good job on the mobile repair!!..can hardly wait to see the before and after shots of the new flooring!!

  2. Those leaks around an air conditioner can be very pesky and difficult to stop. Sounds like you are all set. I will be interested to learn how you’re remodeling goes, we are considering the same, since it’s very difficult to keep a carpet clean and even more so with our two 4-pawed traveling companions. I am curious what you will be doing with the slide(s) (changing carpet there or not).


  3. We have been thinking of replacing our carpet as well for the very same reasons you mentioned. Been talking about doing that ever since getting the rig back in 07. Maybe we will try to make that a priority this summer. Will be interested in your pics & descriptions of the work. Will you replace the carpet on the slide as well. What about the driver's compartment & bedroom??

  4. Nice cheap fix on the A/C leak, gotta love those mobile repair guys, they seem to be very good at what they do. You'll love getting rid of the carpet too!