Saturday, 12 February 2011

Don’t want to bore you

As we haven’t done much of anything, I haven’t blogged just because I didn’t want to put you all to sleep.  We really have been a couple of slugs.  But as much as I hate to mention the weather, it’s mainly because of the weather.  It’s been cold and we have actually been wearing our winter coats when we go out.  The temperature in the mornings has been hovering around freezing.  But the weatherperson has said that it’s warming up.  Yeah right, like I haven’t heard that before.

They are coming Tuesday morning to start on our carpet removal/new tile installed project.  I will document in pictures as we go along.  And none too soon, so fed up with this darn carpet.

There is a lovely dog park here, that is totally fenced and very large.  The dogs can really run in there.  It’s Jackson’s favourite place to be especially when his buddy Cooper, who is a black standard poodle, is there.  Sometimes Lady, a labradoodle is there too, but she just loves to run and Jackson loves to wrestle.  And fortunately, so does Cooper.  Sometimes a little Yorkie, Reggie, joins them.  He’s a feisty little bugger and has no fear of the big dogs.  And he loves to play with them too.  Amazingly the big dogs are very careful around him when they are playing.  Jackson is really going to miss Cooper when we leave, he’s never had such a buddy before.  Cooper is a young dog, just a year and has a very sweet personality.  The playing is so great for Jack as Maggie just can’t and won’t play like that. 

Jackie in Dog Run Emerald Coast Maggie and Jackie playing Emerald Coast #2 Jackson & Cooper Jackson & Cooper (2) Jackson & Cooper (3) Jackson & Cooper (4) Jackson & Cooper (5)

I see that my blogging pal, Al & Kelly, are on the move.  Even if it is only 1/2 mile down the road.  A change of scenery is a change of scenery.  Looks like a new camera is in Al’s future.  Can’t be all bad Al if you get a new camera out of the deal.  And Willy, take care out there.  You’re very lucky that all your truck got was some scratches.  Very lucky.  Rick and Paulette bid goodbye to their daughter, but had a lovely visit.  Appears the stores have all had to restock after she left. Sam and Donna are still riding out the cold.  Fortunately they are in their stick house and not the RV.  Judy and Emma are also still braving the cold.  And Laurie and Odel should be back in their newly renovated MH.  That must be exciting and a real treat.  Enjoy guys.

Until later..take care


  1. Good blog, nothing boring about it at all!!

    The dog park here at the Sands is one of our favourite things about this park. Molly and Rylie (Rylie more than Molly) really love it and it's also a great place for us to meet folks too.

    Glad to see you have a good one there as well.

  2. Thought you did just fine with the blog but do understand the challenges of trying to keep things interesting. I think we all have that problem from time to time. Not everyday is exactly a main event......