Tuesday, 22 February 2011

IT’S DONE !!!!

Well I don’t believe it..they came back yesterday morning at about 9 AM and stayed until around 4 PM, no breaks, no nothing.  It took that long to complete all the trim work.  So many nooks, crannies, corners in here.  But they did a good job.  And now I can say ‘IT’S DONE!’.  Only one little problem.  They used GooGone to remove some marks, pencil etc. from the floor.  Unfortunately GooGone makes the floor extremely slippery.  Poor Maggie, with her bad legs was slipping all over the place.  I washed it all, again, with the Swiffer but it didn’t help much.  So out came all the throw rugs again.  All I need is for her to slip and break an already bad leg.  This morning I washed it again with some mild all purpose cleaner.  It seems to have helped quite a bit.  I guess the rest will just wear off.  My goodness, just when I think that floor renovation can be filed away under ‘C’ for completed. 

This morning when Jackie got us up at 630 AM it was very foggy and humid.  Registered 80% humidity in here.  And it was warm 19 degrees C which is about 69 F outside so I opened all the windows.  I had left one of the small ceiling fans going all night to help with the humidity.  It seemed to help and not once during the night did the heat come on.  It is still very humid out as the sun is struggling to come out.  But it is coming and that will burn off a lot of the humidity.

Keep this blog short as I just wanted to finally say that the floor is done .. oh and the owner who tumbled from the ladder is fine.  It appears he didn’t hurt his back, but sprained his wrist, skinned his elbow and gave his head a nasty crack.  But he seemed just fine, thank goodness.

Until later..take care.


  1. It's not truely done until their are pictures! :)~

    Congrats on the new floor, hopefully their work is better than their ability to communicate.


  2. Erik, there are finished product pictures in previous blog just missing the trim which you can't see anyway.

  3. nice work on the floor..glad it is all complete now..just have a quick question, though..just wondering if anyone has ever mentioned about when your blog opens, the header picture of your rig and car is there..and then it goes black???..this happens on both my computers?..