Saturday, 6 March 2010

Finally - Myrtle Beach

We made it today. Alot of construction along the way, it slowed us down. And alot of little towns and such to go through. It was probably around 3:30 by the time we got to our site and put jacks down and slides out. Then there was cleaning to do, and a more permanent setup as we'll be here for 4 weeks.
Park is absolutely huge, would prefer a little more private but it's fine, has water, sewer, electricity, cable and phone at the site. Internet is a $$$ option but not one I will do without of course. We are about 400 yards from the beach, I can actually hear the ocean waves if the windows are open. But with this weather windows are not open, at night anyway. Still chilly, supposed to go down to 37 F tonight. Brrrr.
Hopefully tomorrow will take the 'kids' for a walk on the beach. Laundry to do, etc. Just like at home LOL.
Won't blog everyday, but will do every few days or so.
Until later then...take care.

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