Friday, 12 March 2010

WIND - AGAIN and Rain..enough already

Yesterday it rained and rained and rained (well you get the point). We went to an outlet mall but we were getting soaked going from store to store, so we can home. Then later in the afternoon, the wind picked up. It got worse and worse. By around 10 PM I thought it was time to pull in our slides. They have awning toppers and I was afraid they would get torn by the fierce wind. We had to rearrange our stuff inside in order to pull them in. Had just finished doing all that when, wonders or wonders, the wind just dropped. The news said that there were gusts up to 45 mph up and down the coast here. It's still so windy that I haven't put out our big main awning yet. But it's not as bad as it was.
Tonight we're meeting my sister for dinner at a seafood place. Yum.
I have booked reservations at a place here called The Alabama. They do variety type shows and it looks like fun. Also at a place called The Palace where they do a show on a take off of Cirque de Soleil (sp). That's for next week and the week after.
My other sister, Marlene, left this morning. I hope she doesn't run into any nasty weather. They should be here sometime tomorrow.
Park is slowly starting to fill up, I expect later today, and tomorrow they will come in in droves as it's Ontario's March break. There are alot of Canadians down here.
Well until later .... take care.

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