Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Productive Day

Today we accomplished a great deal on the rig. Ken installed the vent covers, I washed windows and the Ken washed the rig and the car. Busy day. While Ken was installing the vent covers he noticed that where the antenna comes into the rig, the caulking had given up the ghost. So off to Camping World to acquire the correct caulking needed for our rubber roof. Then we realized that we didn't have a big enough patio mat here. It's very sandy and the dogs get covered in grit and sand when they're outside so we wanted a bigger mat so that they were not laying in the sanding and tracking it inside on their paws and fur. And I set up the BBQ. It's really neat and hope to use it very soon.
It was a lovely day here, around the low 60's, warm if you're busy, cool if you're just sitting around.
Until later then...take care

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