Friday, 19 March 2010

A Shopping & Visiting Day

Yesterday one of my sisters came over for the day. Her husband was in a golf tournament all day and instead of spending the day all alone, she came over and spent it with us. Then my other sister drove over for a few hours to visit also. Poor Ken, surrounded by chatting, yakking, laughing women !!! We then headed over to a store here called Old Time Pottery. What a place, they sell just about everything for the home. We had a great time browsing around and spending money. You have never seen such a collection of different things for the home. It was fun !!!
Then we came back here, one sister left for her condo and then Ken, myself and other sister, Joyce had supper. Helped her with some computer stuff she needed to do. Then she too left for her condo when her husband came to pick her up after his tournament.
They had predicted rain all day, but by some miracle it held off and the sun actually came out. Turned out to be a lovely day after all.
Today all 6 of us are going mini putting after lunch. That is always good for a few chuckles. The day has dawned bright and clear and the sky is blue. Weatherman says a good day today with a high of 18.
We left home 4 weeks ago today, hardly seems possible. The time has gone by very quickly. Other than the weather not being as hot as we would have liked nor as hot as it usually is, it's been fun. We have 2 weeks left.
Alot of people have rolled into the park the past few days. I would say that there is double the people here now that there was before. Mind you there were not very many here before and there are still lots and lots of empty spaces. But there is an old car rally here this weekend and I think that has brought more people in. There are a few very old cars parked in people's spots so good guess is that they are heading for the rally.
Until later then...take care.

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