Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Just Another Day on the Beach !!

Not a whole lot going on. Hence the lack of blogging. We've just been relaxing and lazying around. Tough life. I am on the hunt for one of those lighted palm trees. I know, I know..they are tacky but I like them for the RV. I have seen so many RVers with them outside their rig and I have been searching for one. Found one yesterday but they wanted $139.99 for it. I think not !!!! Don't want one that bad. Actually I do, but I won't pay that for it. I saw that TARGET has them so going to check that out later today maybe. Never been to a TARGET store before...hmmmmm maybe should leave credit card at home.
Looks like a beautiful day here, so far (fingers crossed) no wind. It's not hot, that's for sure, if you're just sitting outside you do need some kind of a light jacket, but the sun is shining. Temperature chart in the blog will tell you the temp here.
Maggie and Jackson are fine, enjoying the warm weather and the many, many walks that they get. Maggie really likes just laying outside in the sun and watching the world go by. Jackson can handle that for about 15 minutes, then he gets antsy.
Well time to get the old butt into action and shower, dress and go for a walk on the beach. Hey, someone has to do it, you know.
Until later..take care.

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